Scandinavian Cup 2023/24 starts in Vuokatti

Scandinavian Cup 2023/24 will start during the following weekend, as the competitions arrive in Vuokatti first time since December 2019. As usual, the opening weekend will gather lots of skiers in Vuokatti, as we will see close to 600 starts during the three days of racing. The level of the competition is extremely high, as on the start line we will see e.g. the 2021 50km World Champion, Emil Iversen.

”It is always great to have international competitions on our race tracks and we are more than happy to host the opening weekend of Scandinavian Cup. The conditions are amazing now, because on top of our first snow track we have gotten a lot of natural snow which makes the tracks great. It looks like it won’t even be so cold this weekend so that’s nice for both competitors and us organizers”, says the Head of Events in Vuokatti Sport, Ann-Mary Ähtävä.


Emil Liekari seeks to continue the good start of the season

 Scandinavian Cup also plays a big role as qualifying races for World Cup. One of the Finnish skiers who is looking for more World Cup starts this season is Emil Liekari from Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu.

”My season has been good so far and now my goal is to have three decent races. On Friday’s sprint I should have the best chance for good result, maybe even a place in a final so top 6.”

”The Scandinavian Cup races are really important and of course it is nice to have races in Finland this time. The level of the competition is extremely high and for example in sprint you must be awake right away in the morning or otherwise you’re out after qualification. Hopefully I can challenge the prerace favorites who come from Norway.”, Liekari states.


More information:
Ann-Mary Ähtävä
Head of the Events, Vuokatti Sport
+358 44 307 5759


Race Schedule:

Friday: Sprintti Freestyle

  • Qualifications 10.00
  • Heats 12.00

Saturday: 10 km Classic interval start

  • Women 10.00
  • Men 12.00

Sunday: 20 km Freestyle Mass start

  • Women 9.15
  • Men 10.45



sprint FIS-races 18-20yrs, M/W

Sprintti 1 km


Ristomatti Hakola – Cross-country skiing

Name: Risto-Matti Hakola
Born: 15.4.1991
Club: Jämin Jänne
Coach: Teemu Pasanen






Gymnastic Hall

New Gymnastic Hall opened in February 2020 and it is located by the soccer field right outside the Vuokatti Sport reception

You can find following things in the gymnastic hall:

Gymnastic floor
Trampoline + foam pit
Air Track + foam pit
Balance beam
Parallel bars
Uneven bars
Horizontal bar

It is possible to book gymnastic hall in your own use with following prices:

Mon – Fri at 8-15 – 25€/h
Other times – 38€/h
You can book the gymnastic hall by calling the reception, Vuokattihall cafe or the sales office. The booking is paid before the starting time of your reservation either in reception or Vuokattihall cafe.

Vuokatti Sport reception
Open Mon – Sun at 7-21
Tel. 08 61911

Vuokattihall cafe
Tel. 0444 148 811

Sales office
Open Mon-Fri at 8-16
Tel. 08 6191 500

Trails and Tracks

The varied terrain of Vuokatti offers an excellent environment for walking and running exercises as well as various tests. The Vuokatinvaara route, the Tour de Vuokatti, is Vuokatti’s most popular cross-country running test site in summer. During the summer, Vuokatti’s charging trails serve as good jogging / mountain biking routes. Its total length is 150 kilometers. 32 kilometers of lighted trail in Vuokatti.

Vaaran testijuoksureitti, 5,2km

-Korkeusero (HD) 166 m

-Kokonaisnousua (TC) 243 m

-Reitit helpoista vaativiin, aina 12 km pitkään 13 vaaraa kiertävään reittiin.

vuokatin ulkoilualuekartta_A4_2020


Eino Leinon polku



Hiukka – Pöllyvaara MTB

Hiidenportti- hiking


FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships ready to kick off – Classic sprints in U20 will be the first event

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships 2021 will be organized in Finland when Lahti is organizing the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, whereas the Cross-Country events will be held in Vuokatti. First medal events will be held in Vuokatti on Tuesday when the classic sprints in U20 class will kick off the competitions.

There will be total of 435 athletes from 37 different counties competing in Vuokatti. Vuokattiin on ilmoittautunut kaiken kaikkiaan 435 kilpailijaa 37:stä eri maasta. Secretary General Ann-Mary Ähtävä is already really excited for the competition week.

” Our competition organization is so amazing that as a secretary general, I don’t have to be even nervous one day before the competitions”, Ähtävä says.

” Of course, this whole Covid situation has caused a lot of extra work and stress for everyone, that’s for sure. And yes, it’s sad that we can’t have spectators in the races but luckily we have the live stream so you can watch the races from home”, she continues.

Niilo Moilanen is excited night before the sprint

One of the most interesting Finnish names during the first competition day is Niilo Moilanen, who won Finland’s qualification races to JWSC competitions.

”I have a good feeling towards tomorrow. I’ve had many days to prepare and do some skitests so I’m excited for tomorrow. My goal is to have my own good performance. It’s kind of hard to have any goals about the result, but I believe that if I perform in my own good level, the good results will come.”

Follow the races:

You can follow the races in Finland through Elisa Viihde. The broadcast starts at 9:50am.

The heats can also be viewed through YLE Areena at 11:55.

Internationally you can buy a pass to our online livestream by following this link:

Liveresults through FIS:

Social Media: @vuokattisport and @jwsc2021

More information:

Topi Kuorelahti
Media / JWSC2021 – Vuokatti
+358 44 414 8883


Picture: LORU Creative / Alexander Ståhlberg (FIN) during the official training on Monday

Elisa will be livestreaming the upcoming Junior World Ski Championships from Vuokatti by utilizing 5G technology

The Cross-Country races of FIS Junior World Ski Championships (JWSC) that will be held in Vuokatti in February are livestreamed by utilizing 5G technology. A contract between the event organizer, Vuokatti Sport, a Finnish telecommunications company, Elisa, and a Finnish Software-based TV-production service provider, Kepit Systems, guarantees the livestreaming of the event is in good hands. In Finland, the competitions can be viewed through Elisa Cable TV, while the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is in charge of the international rights.

There is a growing demand for the livestreaming of sport and other live events. The utilization of 5G technology provides a new approach that is easier than the traditional TV production. 5G offers up to 10 times faster connections, an increased capacity and an improved possibility to carry out livestreaming during outdoor sports.

The JWSC of Vuokatti will be mostly streamed through 5G phones, which have been placed throughout the race tracks. Live video will be sent from these phones to Kepit Systems where the broadcast will be made ready for the viewers. All of the races can be viewed through Elisa Cable TV and as a result of the contract between Vuokatti Sport and EBU, the races are also available through various broadcasting companies such as Yle Areena in Finland, NRK TV in Norway and SVT Play in Sweden.

‒ We want to stay current with the development of sports events and live streaming plays a big role in this. JWSC is a major event for us so it is great that we have a chance to cooperate with big players in the field and streaming of the competitions will be of high quality. We are not the only ones benefiting from the livestreaming, but also the athletes, teams and the whole sport of cross-country skiing will benefit from this. 5G is a great opportunity for us and I am confident that we can utilize it also in the future in other events, says the Sales Manager of Vuokatti Sport, Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori.

‒ JWSC will be streamed utilizing Elisa 5G network which has been in Vuokatti already for a while now. Thanks to the 5G network there is enough capacity in Vuokatti for a good quality broadcast and we can offer a new solution for the livestreaming of sports events. Together with Vuokatti Sport we can set an example of how 5G technology can be used as its best, says the Business Manager of Elisa Ilkka Pohtola.

‒ We have been developing the 5G-hybrid technology that is used for the broadcast for over a year and now finally we get to use it in this big of event. 5G connections enable large scale outdoor productions easier than before and by utilizing our hybrid technology we can put together the best features of the traditional TV production and the new 5G technology, tells Jussi Uljas from Kepit Systems.


World Para Nordic Skiing Team information

Vuokattisport-Koulurinne reitti avattu

Maaseuturahaston tuella toteutettu reittihanke Länsirinteen ja Koulurinteen välillä on nyt valmis ja hiihtokunnossa. Reitti on valaistu ja kahteen suuntaan  hiihdettävä sekä profiililtaan loivapiirteinen palvellen hiihtäjiä entistä paremmin. Ensi syksystä lähtien reitti on tarkoitus ottaa myös ns. ensilumikäyttöön marraskuun alusta alkaen.  Reitti lisää entisestään Vuokatin vetovoimaa maastohiihtokohteena ja parantaa myös sulanmaan ajalla liikkumista Vuokatin vaaran kupeessa.

Hanke liittyy Manner-Suomen maaseudun kehittämisohjelmaan ja sen toteuttamiseen on saatu EU:n maaseuturahaston osarahoitusta. Hankkeen kustannusarvio oli 365.791,00 €, josta 91.447 €  yksityistä rahoitusta Vuokatin säätiöltä, 35.000 € Sotkamon kunnan rahoitusosuus sekä avustusta EU:lta 115.224 € ja Suomen valtiolta  124.119 €.

Hankkeesta vastasi Vuokatin säätiö ja sen urakoi Pyykkönen Yhtiöt Oy. Suunnittelu toteutettiin Ramboll Oy:n toimesta ja sähkösuunnitelusta vastasi Pöyry Oy.  Vuokatin säätiö kiittää kaikkia kumppaneita ja toivottaa ladun käyttäjät tervetulleeksi uusitulle reitille.

Iivo Niskanen – Cross-country Skiing

Name: Iivo Niskanen
Born: 12.01.1992
Club: Puijon Hiihtoseura
Coach: Olli Ohtonen





Nordic Combined

VuokattiSport – Olympic Training Center ensures great all year round training facilities and coaching services for athletes. There is a reason why Vuokatti was and still continues to be one of the main training facilities for Finns and also International athletes. Vuokatti has 4 all year round skijumps HS 100, HS 54, HS 35 and a HS 14. For all year round Cross Country Skiing we have versatile world class facilities. Athletes are able to hone their skiing skill on snow all year round in the the Ski tunnel and outside after the 10th of October when the first snow track opens. At the Olympic Training Center Testing Facilities we can give an athlete a great foundation to their future, be they junior athletes or world class athletes.

The become a Champion, it requires first class training facilities and surroundings. Here at Vuokatti in October we are among the first countries worldwide to have an outdoor ski track open. Skiing threw the year on real snow is not a challenge for us, because we have one of the worlds longest indoor ski tunnels that is open all year round. To those who wish to train outside during the summer season, we have extremely versatile outdoor skiing tracks to provide you the best training conditions possible.

Physically versatile and demanding training is one of the cornerstones to become a stronger athlete. The alternating terrain right outside the training center and the natural height differences will make sure you can make each workout as demanding as you need and meet your workouts goals. You can also find variation for your workouts from outside your own sport.

  • The first snow track opens every autumn at the 10th of October at 10am
  • We have 150km worth of cross country ski tracks, of which 30km are lighted
  • The indoor ski tunnel is 1,2km long (2,4km back and forth)

  • HS 100 Ski Jump
  • HS 14, HS 35 and a HS 54- skijump for juniors
  • Eccentric force measurement plates on the HS 100 and HS 35 ski jumps.

Vuokatti Sport is the official training center for Finnish Nordic Combined national team

#Becomeachampion #Traingrowthrive #begreaterthangreat


Antti Kuisma
Nordic Combined Coach

Book accommodation or training camp:



Arttu Mäkiaho >>

Ski Jumping

Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center enables an athlete with high-quality training facilities, be you a starting out junior or world cup athlete. We have 4 ski jumps which are all usable all year round to ensure you have the prerequisites to train without boundaries.

We have long traditions as a winter sports training center and our world class coaches will offer you the knowledge and know how to compete at the world’s top. The Olympic Training Center – Testing Center will bring you the most cutting edge technology and research from the Jyväskylä University to give a foundation to becoming a champion.

  • HS 100 Ski Jump
  • HS 14, HS 35 and HS 54 Skijumps for juniors
  • Eccentric force measurement plates on the HS 100 and HS 35 ski jumps.

#Becomeachampion #Traingrowthrive #begreaterthangreat


Pelkonen Jyri
Manager of Olympic Training Center
Tel. +358 40 8445 882

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Our Top Team Athletes:

Antti Aalto >>
Jarkko Määttä >>


Biathlon is one of the most international sports in Vuokatti and its roots originate even earlier than the 1970´s. Skiing and shooting can be combined together all year round at our biathlon track. During the summer season you are able to train with rollerskis on our extensive tracks and after the first snow ski track opens on the 10th of October, you are able to practice on snow. For those who wish to practice their skiing skills on snow all year round, it is possible in our indoor ski tunnel.

Our  biathlon range is an outdoor range and can fit 33 shooters at once. The range is designed for small caliber rifles, and also air rifles. The VuokattiSport biathlon range is equipped with WindTrainer-equipment, which teaches the shooter on how to take into consideration different ballistic conditions. Here in Vuokatti we aim for sustainable development. The targets have  bulletcatchers equipped to them so, we make sure no heavy metals end into the environment. We recycle all of the bullets and shells to keep our environment as clean as possible.

The Olympic Training Center can rent a variety of different high tech equipment for you to use,. We have camera based technology, eco-weapons (3 weapons) to WindTrainer- windagetraining equipment to further your shooting skills.

  • Biathlon range with 33 shooting places, Lighted shooting range which meets IBU and IPC standards.
  • WindTrainer- equipment
  • Sustainable development, heavy metals do not end up into the nature.
  • All year round training
  • The shooting area has snow from the 10th of October.

#Becomeachampion #Traingrowthrive #begreaterthangreat


Pelkonen Jyri
Manager of Olympic Training Center
Tel. +358 40 8445 882

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Mari Eider (Laukkanen)  – Top Team Athlete

Cross Country Skiing

Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center is an athletes dream destination in Finland, but also internationally. We are specialised in winter sports and have all year round facilities. We have a long history of being the training center for competitive Cross Country Skiers amongst Finns but also internationally. Many World Champions and Olympic Gold Medalist have honed their skills and fitness with us.

To become a Champion, it requires first class training facilities and surroundings. Here at Vuokatti in October we are amongst the first countries worldwide to have an outdoor ski track open. Skiing on real snow throughout the year is a possibility at our facilities. We have one of the worlds longest indoor ski tunnels that is open all year round and for those who wish to train outside during the summer season, we have extremely versatile outdoor skiing tracks to provide you the best training conditions possible.

Physically versatile and demanding training is one of the cornerstones to become a stronger athlete. The alternating terrain right outside the training center and the natural height differences will make sure you can make each workout as demanding as you need and meet your workouts goals.

  • The first snow skitrack opens every autumn at the 10th of October at 10am
  • We have 150km worth of cross country ski tracks, of which 30km are lighted
  • The indoor ski tunnel is 1,2km long (2,4km back and forth)
  • Professional test centre in co-operation with Jyväskylä University

Begin to Triumph

#Becomeachampion #Traingrowthrive #begreaterthangreat


Pelkonen Jyri
Director of Olympic Training Center
Tel. +358 40 8445 882

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Iivo Niskanen >>

Anne Kyllönen >>

Perttu Hyvärinen >>

Joni Mäki >>

Risto-Matti Hakola >>

Jenna Laukkanen >>

Arttu Mäkiaho >>

Thank you for contacting

Our sales service will contact you as soon as possible.

08 6191 500

Best regards from Vuokatti Sport

Jenna Laukkanen – Swimming

Name: Jenna Laukkanen
Born: 2.3.1995
Club: Swimming Club Vuokatti
Coach: Toni Piirainen



Joni Mäki – Cross-country skiing

Name: Joni Mäki
Born: 24.1.1985
Club: Pyhäjärven Pohti (Pohti Ski Team)
Coach: Juho Halonen




Perttu Hyvärinen – Cross-country skiing

Name: Perttu Hyvärinen
Born: 5.6.1991
Club: Riistaveden Urheilijat
Coach: Mikko Virtanen



Arttu Mäkiaho – Nordic combined

Name: Arttu Mäkiaho
Born: 16.9.1997
Club: Kainuun Hiihtoseura




Anne Kyllönen – Cross-country skiing

Name: Anne Kyllönen
Born: 30.3.1987
Club: Kainuun Hiihtoseura



Biathlon stadium

The biathlon stadium of Vuokatti is in use in both the summer and the winter. On the 50m range, there are 33 shooting places, it is lit up and its automatic target systems are equipped with lead catchers which collect the bullets shot. For the use of people who are physically disabled or visually impaired, a 20-lane target apparatus is available if required, equipped with air-rifle targets and lead catchers. Both the ranges meet the requirements of the IBU and IPC for competitions. The development area related to the Clubavana shooting range is the construction of a smaller, 5-lane 50m shooting range for practice use next to the exit of the ski tunnel.

The usage fee of biathlon range is 25€/person/day. You can complete the payment at Vuokatti Sport reception, Opistontie 4.

For mor information, please contact our sales office: +358 8 6191 500.

Roller-skiing tracks

NEW ROLLERSKI TRACK IS HERE! Rollerski track in Vuokatti is located right by Vuokatti Sport and it is easy to enter from new bike paths. The update in rollerski track was done in 2023 and now the whole track is eight kilometers (8 km) long! The biggest single uphill is located in Vuokatinvaara, which is also easy to access by following the bike paths from rollerski track. The height difference in this uphill is 130m and rollerskiers have their own specific lane on the left side of the road.

Due to the increased length of the track, maintenance of the asphalt requires a stronger effort than before. Therefore, there will be a usage fee of €10/person/day for the roller ski track. This fee can be paid at the Vuokatti Sport reception, Opistontie 4.

Prices for the 2024 season at the roller skiing track:

Day Ticket: €10/person (adults and children same price)

Season 2024 (May-October): €200

Roller Skiing Track + First Snow Track Season 2024: €499/adults, €300/children (under 12years)

While accommodating in Vuokatti Sport, the roller skiing track is included to your stay.







The roller-skiing circuit:

  • Length 8 km
  • Height differential (HD) 35 m
  • Specific details from climbs in the map

The Vuokatinvaara uphill:

  • For intense training
  • Length 1.6 km/2.5 km
  • Height differential (HD) 130 m
  • Gradient 7 degrees

First snow track 10.10.->

On 10.10. every year at 10 am we open the first snow trail.

The earlier you get to train on real snow, the better the training of the winter season will be. In Vuokatti, the first snow track goes around the biathlon range, from which there is a direct connection to the ski tunnel. Tens of thousands of cubic metres of snow are stored every year for the first snow track and for making repairs necessitated by possible rains. In this way, the maximum effectiveness is obtained from training on real snow. After the opening of the first snow track, the hiking routes of Vuokatti are still snow-free, so combining the morning ski training with a round of Nordic walking, for example, makes training diverse.

When the first snow track opens at 10th of October the length is about 1.5 km. From that we continue making the track longer and longer and in its entirety, the length of the first snow track is as much as 9-10 km, weather permitting.

At the moment we have 3 km of first snow track open, check the following map!







Ski tunnel/first snow trail, tel. +358 44 414 8812, E-mail:


Avoinna 10.10. 2017 klo 10:00 alkaen

aikuinen/ alle 12 v/ eläkeläinen

Päivälippu 20 € / 10 €/ 10 €

Sarjalippu (5 päivää) 80,00 €/ 40,00 €/ 40,00 €

Lisäpäivät sarjalippuun sarjalipun oston yhteydessä 16,00 €/8,00 €/päivä

Urheiluopistolla majoittuvat saavat 50% alennuksen yksittäisestä päivälipusta. Rannekkeet on ostettava ennakkoon urheiluopiston vastaanotosta.

Alle 7v hiihtävät ilmaiseksi huoltajan seurassa.


aikuinen 295 euroa

lapset alle 12v/eläkeläiset 147,50 euroa

Lunastus tunnelin lipun myynnistä.

Ladun valmistumisvaiheet

(oikeudet muutoksiin pidätetään)

Vaihe 1 Ampumarata, valmiina 10.10.

Vaihe 2 Tenetti, valmiina 14.10.

Vaihe 3 Hönkämäki, valmiina 18.10.

Vaihe 4 Kuru, valmiina 26.10.



Ski Jumps – HS14 / HS35 / HS54 / HS100

No need to say that winter’s harvest is seeded in summer when it comes to jump training. In Vuokatti, that’s not only a nice PRquota but scientifically proven truth. A truth you can instantly find out – thanks to our exclusive computer based instant feedback system JUMP (Joint Ultimate Measuring Program / HS100 & HS 35), that’s sending and evaluating jumper’s data in real time.

Vuokatti Sport ski jumping hills are used in throughout the year.

HS14, HS 35 and HS 54 Ski Jumps

The ski jumping complex, which consist of four hills.

Location: across the road from the parking lot of Vuokattihalli sports complex.  There is a lift installed there.

HS 100

Ski jumping hill HS100 is located up at the top of the hill distance about 3 km from Vuokatti Sport

Hill size: HS 100

K-point: 90 m

Hill record: 105,5 m (Taku Takeuchi )

Summer record: 103,5 m (Janne Ahonen , 01.08.2007, N-FIN)

Women’s Hill record:   99,0 m (Daniela Iraschko-Stolz , 13.03.2001, EYOF)

We recommend you to book the sessions in advance. Agree on bookings and participation in ski jumping sessions on the hotel reception of Vuokatti Sport Institute. Fee 22 euros/person/day.  The responsible of ski jumps

Jani Ähtävä
tel. +358500687188.

Paths and cross-country routes

The varying terrain of Vuokatti provides an outstanding environment for walking and running training and various kinds of tests. The Vuokatinvaara route, Tour de Vuokatti, is Vuokatti’s most popular cross-country running testing site in the summer. During the summer, the trail network of Vuokatti serves as good jogging/mountain biking routes. Its overall length is 150 kilometres. There are 32 kilometres of lit-up trails in Vuokatti.

-The Vuokatinvaara route, Test Run, Tour de Vuokatti, 5.2 km

-Height differential (HD) 166 m

-Total climb (TC) 243 m

-Routes range from easy to demanding, all the way up to a route of 12 km that goes around 13 fells.

vuokatti recreation area map_A4_2020


UKK-hiking route

Eino Leino -hiking route



Hiukka-Pöllyvaara MTB



Cross-country skiing trails

The overall length of the trail Vuokatti trail network (lower and higher terrain) is 150 kilometres, of which 120 kilometres are fixed up every winter for both kinds of skiing. There are 32 kilometres of lit-up trails in Vuokatti. The lights are not turned on if the temperature is -20˚C or below. Lights turn on at 07:00 am and turn off at 9:30pm. The routes of both the lower and higher terrain start from the Vuokatti Hall car park. To improve safety we use wider trails in downhill.

The lower terrain of Vuokatti Sport

The routes of the lower terrain mainly go through dry forest terrain. The small hills are relatively steep, but still short enough for enjoyable skiing. In the Hiihtomaa ski centre of the lower terrain of the Sports Institute, you can learn skiing techniques and go downhill, either with skis or with other devices.

The trails of the fell, i.e. the higher terrain

The higher terrain trails go through a demanding fell landscape where the height differentials are large; as much as 165 metres. There are trekking routes or racing trails of 5–30 kilometres to choose from. From the basic network, there are connecting trails to the accommodation companies in the Vuokatti area and an ice trail to Sotkamo. In Sotkamo, the skiing is on the trails of Hiukka, and there are also routes to choose from to the travel companies to the east and south of Sotkamo. Rest opportunities along the trail network are offered by the huts and lean-tos marked on the trail map.

Aurinkolatu Sun skiing tour


Vaarankylä Cross Country tour


Jäätiö fitness track

First snow trail

See current track situation

Cross-Coutry ski trails map 2020




Snowboarding & Freestyle

The two halfpipes of Vuokatti make practising snowboarding possible all year round. The pipe of the indoor hall is slightly smaller than the outdoor pipe and therefore excellent for learning snowboarding and refining tricks. Nearly all of Finland’s best snowboarders have sprung out of the pipes of Vuokatti: Peetu Piiroinen, Markus Malin and Enni Rukajärvi. The halfpipe, which meets the Olympic criteria, international-level coaches and fantastic training conditions make Vuokatti a training place for the present and the future.

The halfpipe outside:

  • Wall height 6.5 m
  • Length 120 m
  • Width 20 m
  • Gradient 19 degrees
  • Ski lift

The halfpipe in the snowboarding tunnel:

  • Length 50 m
  • Width 15 m
  • Gradient 14 degrees
  • Temperature -8 °C
  • Carpet lift

TOP TEAM – Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center

Vuokatti Sport wants to improve the prerequisites for the preparation of top sportspeople at the Olympic Training Centre and play its part in helping sportspeople towards success.

A TOP TEAM athlete gets use of the performance facilities of the Olympic Training Centre and also testing services.

Vuokatti Sport Top Team works on an invitation basis. The Top Team athletes have already attained international success and they make use of the conditions and services of Vuokatti Sport in their daily training.

You can find the video greetings of our Top Team athletes on our Facebook page, VuokattiSport .

Top Team athletes 2020-2021:

Indoor Ice Rink

Sotkamo-Vuokatti Jäähalli Ltd. was set up in 1992. The indoor ice rink owned by the company was completed in February 1993. In the building there are four spacious changing rooms with shower facilities and the areas and equipment required for skate maintenance. There is a cafeteria and grandstand seating for 500 spectators.

The Municipality of Sotkamo takes care of the upkeep of the indoor ice rink.

Sotkamo-Vuokatti Jäähalli Ltd.     

Vuokatinhovintie 4
88610 Vuokatti
Tel. 044-7502955

Ski Tunnel and the First Snow Track

Vuokatti Sport offers the snow conditions for cross-country skiing 365 days a year. The world’s first cross-country ski tunnel is 1.2 km long and makes summer training possible on a well-kept trail that follows the terrain of Vuokatti with its uphills and downhills. The trail suits both classic and skate skiing. Thanks to the even temperature of the tunnel, training is also possible during the cold days of winter.

In addition to the ski tunnel it is also possible to ski outside starting 10th of October every year because that’s when we open the first snow track! So remember 10-10-10, 10th of October 10 o’clock! Every year!

Ski tunnel is now closed (from 2nd Dec 2021) and no more ski fee needs to pay. Please ask more info or +35886191500

Ski tunnel opens on Mon 6th Jun and is open every day at 9-18 (except 1pm-2pm ticket sales is closed)

Service time (tunnel is closed) as follows:

11-12.7., 15-16.8, 5-6.9. and 3-4.10.

Prices until 9th Oct:

Ski tunnel 15€ adult day ticket and 7,50 € child u12yrs.

5 days ticket 60 € adult and 30€ child u12yrs

Prices from 10th Oct:

Ski tunnel + First snow track (starting 10th October)
Day ticket 24€ adult and 12€ child (4-11)
5 days ticket: 100€ adult and 50€ child

“Test Round” in the ski tunnel 10€. This includes full equipment (skis, boots and poles) and one lap of skiing in the tunnel. Valid during the opening hours of the ski tunnel.

-50% off from the Day Ticket for those who are accommodating in Vuokatti Sport

Tunnel and First Snow Track are open from 10th Oct every day at 8-19.

Facts about the ski tunnel:

  • Temperature -5 – -9 °C
  • Length 1.2 km (one loop 2.4 km)
  • Width 8 m
  • Height differential of the tunnel (HD) 18 m
  • Total climb (TC) 51 m/2.4 km
  • A fixed timing system for speed training
  • Open in the beginning of June to December, from morning to evening and also during the cold days of winter ( -15 °C and colder)

Ski Tunnel/ First Snow Track

Tel. +358 44 414 8812 


Swimming pool

The swimming pool is in conjunction with the Vuokatti Arena. Our versatile premises serve even demanding customers, from families with children through to Olympic-level top athletes.

Swimming pool | 25 m pool (depth 120 – 180 cm)

Multi-function pool (depth 82 – 120 cm):

Water slide | Water massage | Baby pool | A separate pool for the family’s youngest ones.

The shallow end of the multi-function pool is also suitable for small children.

Vuokatti Areena

Phone : +358 44 414 8811

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Vuokatti Arena

The large exercise hall of the Vuokatti Arena is suitable as both an event space and also for the indoor training of many different sports.

Ice Hockey | Volleyball | Floorball | Indoor cycling | Squash | Badminton | Padel | Athletics

Vuokatti Areena

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The ball hall building has a fully equipped gym. The gym is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

Usage is included in the price of accommodation for those staying at the Sports Institute.

Price: €5/person
You can pick up the key from the reception.


Precor and Technogym upper body machines.

2 exercise bikes | Wattbike | Rowing machine | Cross trainer | Treadmill

Back bench | Back machine | A machine for strengthening the muscles of the upper back |

Abdominal bench | Abdominal machine | Rotation machine|

Leg press | Glute machine | Leg curl machine | Leg extension machine | 3 squat racks | Thigh adductors/abductors |

2 bench press benches | Weight plates (1.25-25 kg) | Dumbbells 1-35kg) | Pull-down machine | Shoulder press/pull-down machine | 2 pec machines () | Multi-purpose pulling machines | Scott/extension machine (compressed air) | Pull-up bar | Traction machine (cross-country skiing ergometer)


Endurance tests

VO2 Max Test on a treadmill (Nordic Walking or running) or on a bicycle ergometer

In the test, the precise values for the aerobic and anaerobic threshold are determined, as well as the maximal oxygen intake capacity and the heart rate-lactic acid levels that correspond to these. The test is carried out on a treadmill either by nordic walking or running depending from the wants of the person tested. VO2 Max test can be also done on a bicycle ergometer. The test starts from an easy pace and it gets harder by increasing the inclination or speed every three minutes until the exhaustion point. After each of these three-minute stages, a blood sample is taken from the tip of the test person’s finger and this is used to measure the lactic acid in their blood.

During the test, we measure the changes in the test person’s breathing by using a breath-by-breath gas analyzing system. Test person’s heart rates during the test are saved in our system, and by utilizing these and the collected blood samples we can define individual training zones for endurance training.

The test includes both verbal and written feedback. From the feedback, test person can find individual heart rate zones, which they are able to utilize to plan their own training and to control own training speeds.

The test also includes InBody measurement.

NOTE! Watch a video from a treadmill test below! (English subtitles available by clicking a subtitle button from the bottom of the video)

Indirect bicycle ergometer test – RECOMMENDED!

The test determines individual heart rate zones for endurance training, as well as the aerobic and anaerobic threshold. The test is done on a bicycle and usually takes a maximum of 15 minutes. During the test, the resistance is increased step by step. The heart rate is also monitored and the subject is asked about the strain they are experiencing. The test is suitable for everyone, regardless of the age or fitness level of the test person. The test also does not demand maximal efforts.

UKK 2 km walking test

The test tells what the endurance fitness of the person being tested is, in relation to health and performance capacity. During the test, the person walks two kilometers in relatively fast speed. The fitness evaluation is based on the walking time, the heart rate at the end of the test and the background factors of the person (gender, weight/height, age). The test is suitable for exercisers of all levels.




InBody – Measurement

InBody measurement is an easy, quick and reliable way to measure the composition of your body. The measurement results provide diverse and detailed information about things such as the muscle mass, fat percentage and visceral fat amounts, as well as about fluids inside the body.

InBody measurement is done by standing with bare feet in the InBody device and holding onto the handles of the device. It is recommended that the measurement is done in the mornings, before eating breakfast and preferably with as little clothing as possible in order to facilitate and guarantee reliable results. The measurement does not cause pain or any other unpleasant feelings.


Restaurant Services

In our main building there is the 380-seat O’las restaurant, completely renovated in the summer of 2017, as well as a fully licensed lounge cafeteria. There is a terrace in conjunction with the restaurant in the summer, from which there are beautiful views over Lake Särkinen and the fells of Vuokatti. The cafeteria of the Vuokatti Hall is open during the opening times of the swimming pool and sports hall.

O’las restaurant
Open daily
Tel. +358 44 414 8810

The lounge cafeteria of the main building
Open daily from 10 am to 9 pm
Tel.+358 44 414 8810

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria
Tel.+358 44 414 8811

Muscle Fitness Tests

A traditional measuring repetition test is used in the muscle fitness test, in a studied way. In the muscle fitness test, the muscle endurance of the abdominal and back muscles and also the upper and lower limbs is tested. The test is a repetition test, in which specified movements are done for 30 seconds.

In addition to the measuring traditional tests, there are also isometric strength measurements and jumping tests done on a contact mat at the test centre, as well as tests done with the aid of a radar for even the most demanding trainers.


Sales Office

Tel. +358 8 619 1500


Sales office open:
Mon-Fri  8 am – 4 pm



Ski Maintenance & Pro Shop

The Vuokatti Ski Service offers expert rental, maintenance, reconditioning and waxing services for cross-country skis. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the polishing or patterning of the ski helps in achieving the best glide. The patterning, which is carried out on the basis of different trail conditions, improves the ski’s glide properties considerably and adds to the enjoyability of the pursuit. For competition skiers, we offer professional polishing and patterning services according to the profile of the ski for different trail conditions.

An amateur benefits from pattern polishing in that, for example, frost patterning is used for the dry conditions in winter, and when the spring comes the base of the ski is reconditioned using water condition patterning.

Vuokatti Ski Service
Phone: +35850 542 7268