Nordic Combined

VuokattiSport – Olympic Training Center ensures great all year round training facilities and coaching services for athletes. There is a reason why Vuokatti was and still continues to be one of the main training facilities for Finns and also International athletes. Vuokatti has 4 all year round skijumps HS 100, HS 54, HS 35 and a HS 14. For all year round Cross Country Skiing we have versatile world class facilities. Athletes are able to hone their skiing skill on snow all year round in the the Ski tunnel and outside after the 10th of October when the first snow track opens. At the Olympic Training Center Testing Facilities we can give an athlete a great foundation to their future, be they junior athletes or world class athletes.

The become a Champion, it requires first class training facilities and surroundings. Here at Vuokatti in October we are among the first countries worldwide to have an outdoor ski track open. Skiing threw the year on real snow is not a challenge for us, because we have one of the worlds longest indoor ski tunnels that is open all year round. To those who wish to train outside during the summer season, we have extremely versatile outdoor skiing tracks to provide you the best training conditions possible.

Physically versatile and demanding training is one of the cornerstones to become a stronger athlete. The alternating terrain right outside the training center and the natural height differences will make sure you can make each workout as demanding as you need and meet your workouts goals. You can also find variation for your workouts from outside your own sport.

  • The first snow track opens every autumn at the 10th of October at 10am
  • We have 150km worth of cross country ski tracks, of which 30km are lighted
  • The indoor ski tunnel is 1,2km long (2,4km back and forth)

  • HS 100 Ski Jump
  • HS 14, HS 35 and a HS 54- skijump for juniors
  • Eccentric force measurement plates on the HS 100 and HS 35 ski jumps.

Vuokatti Sport is the official training center for Finnish Nordic Combined national team

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Antti Kuisma
Nordic Combined Coach

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Snowboarding & Freestyle

The two halfpipes of Vuokatti make practising snowboarding possible all year round. The pipe of the indoor hall is slightly smaller than the outdoor pipe and therefore excellent for learning snowboarding and refining tricks. Nearly all of Finland’s best snowboarders have sprung out of the pipes of Vuokatti: Peetu Piiroinen, Markus Malin and Enni Rukajärvi. The halfpipe, which meets the Olympic criteria, international-level coaches and fantastic training conditions make Vuokatti a training place for the present and the future.

The halfpipe outside:

  • Wall height 6.5 m
  • Length 120 m
  • Width 20 m
  • Gradient 19 degrees
  • Ski lift

The halfpipe in the snowboarding tunnel:

  • Length 50 m
  • Width 15 m
  • Gradient 14 degrees
  • Temperature -8 °C
  • Carpet lift