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Accessible Services


Accessibility to All

Vuokatti Sport’s Standard hotel rooms and Sport Apartments are basically accessible, and the Superior rooms are suitable if you have an assistant. The reception and the restaurant and café are accessible, as well as some of the meeting rooms. The Paralympic Committee’s adaptive sports equipment rental rents out various exercise equipment in Vuokatti Sport such as mountain handcycle.


Särkinen accessible lakeside route


Main entrance

Main entrance is accessible. The sliding doors open with a motion sensor. The threshold is less than 10 mm. and the platform in front of the front door is over 1500*1500mm.


The accessible parking space is located approximately 30 meters from the front door. The access road is paved, hard in summer, smooth and non-slip even when wet.


The reception is accessible. The height of the reception desk is 1150 mm. The accessible WC is located next to the main lobby. If necessary, the staff will assist with moving in to the rooms.


Restaurant Olas and Lobby Lounge are accessible and spacious. The tables in the restaurant have movable chairs and enough legroom. The self-service buffets are 900mm high. If necessary, the staff assists in serving food and returning dishes.

Meeting rooms

The meeting rooms connected to the restaurant: Ilves, Kettu, Teeri are accessible. They work either as one space for a larger audience or divided into 3 separate spaces. Tables and chairs can be easily moved.

Accessible summer trails and destinations

Accessible winter trails