Firstbeat (COMING IN THE AUTUMN OF 2018)

The Firstbeat Well-being Analysis tells how the body reacts in different everyday situations. 24-hour heartbeat interval measurement illustrates individually burdening and restorative factors and also the effect of exercise. The scientifically-developed Well-being Analysis tells us about the resources of the body and brings to the fore the things that improve endurance, fitness and health.


Huco Sport – Profile

The Huco Sport profile

With your personal exerciser profile (the Huco Sport profile), you can find yourself a way of exercising that motivates you and suits your style. With the aid of the profile, it is possible to set the most suitable objectives and draw up a training programme that is easy for your exerciser type to follow.

The Huco Diet profile

With the Huco Diet profile, you can identify different eating models, your own style, and also see losing weight and the challenges related to it in a new light. Thanks to the new level of self-knowledge, losing weight is easier.

The Huco Diet profile charts your current attitude and behaviour in three different sub-areas:

  • eating
  • exercise
  • attitude towards daily life

These three sub-areas do not guarantee all-encompassing and successful weight control if kept separate from each other. The sub-areas are dependent on each other and management of each area guarantees a healthy result in weight control.

Endurance tests

UKK 2 km walking test

The test tells what the endurance fitness of the person being tested is, in relation to health and performance capacity. During the test, the person walks briskly for two kilometres. The fitness evaluation is based on the walking time, the heart rate at the end of the test and the background factors of the person (gender, weight/height, age). The test is suitable for exercisers of all levels.

Indirect bicycle ergometer test – RECOMMENDED!

The test determines the personal heartbeat levels of endurance exercise, as well as the aerobic and anaerobic threshold. The test is done on a bicycle and usually takes a maximum of 15 minutes. During the test, the resistance is increased step by step. During pedalling, the heart rate is monitored and the subject is asked about the strain they are experiencing. The test is suitable for all levels of exercisers, regardless of age and fitness level. The test also does not demand maximal efforts.

Direct oxygen intake test on a treadmill or with a bicycle ergometer

In the test, the precise values for the aerobic and anaerobic threshold are determined, as well as the maximal oxygen intake capacity and the heart rate-lactic acid levels that correspond to these. During the test, the test subject does the test on a treadmill or with a bicycle ergometer. The level of difficulty is increased until exhaustion point. Changes in the breathing and breath gases of the subject are monitored during the test performance with a breath gas analyser. After each increase in the level of difficulty, a blood sample is taken from the tip of the finger, from which the lactate, i.e. lactic acid, content is analysed. The heart rate during the test is stored in the instrumentation, where heart rate limits are defined for the subject on the basis of the stored data and lactate values.

The test also includes InBody measurement. Please note that the test is not suitable for beginners.


InBody – Measurement

InBody measurement is an easy, quick and reliable way to measure the composition of your body. The measurement results provide diverse and detailed information about things such as the muscle mass, fat percentage and visceral fat amounts, as well as about fluids inside the body.

InBody measurement is done by standing with bare feet in the InBody device and holding onto the handles of the device. It is recommended that the measurement is done in the mornings, before eating breakfast and preferably with as little clothing as possible in order to facilitate and guarantee reliable results. The measurement does not cause pain or any other unpleasant feelings.


Our test centre offers a wide range of different kinds of testing services for your own needs when you want to monitor progress and improve your well-being. The selection includes body composition measurement, different kinds of endurance fitness tests, muscle fitness tests, Huco Sport profiles and, as a new one, Firstbeat measurement.

We make use of testing services in individual coaching, as well as in the well-being at work coaching for companies. On the basis of the measurements, it is possible to provide a tailor-made service and training programmes to ensure development for our customers. With the aid of the testing, you learn to utilise test results in training and the monitoring tests offer an excellent tool for keeping track of development.


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