Biathlon stadium

The biathlon stadium of Vuokatti is in use in both the summer and the winter. On the 50m range, there are 33 shooting places, it is lit up and its automatic target systems are equipped with lead catchers which collect the bullets shot. For the use of people who are physically disabled or visually impaired, a 20-lane target apparatus is available if required, equipped with air-rifle targets and lead catchers. Both the ranges meet the requirements of the IBU and IPC for competitions. The development area related to the Clubavana shooting range is the construction of a smaller, 5-lane 50m shooting range for practice use next to the exit of the ski tunnel.

Roller-skiing Circuits

In Vuokatti, the roller-skiing circuit is next to the ski tunnel and links up with the walking and cycling routes, so combined training is easy. Endurance can be worked on by going up to Vuokatinvaara to a height of 130 metres or by combining roller-skiing with a hiking route in the spectacular landscapes of Vuokatti. The roller-skiing circuit also passes in front of the biathlon stadium, which makes it possible to do biathlon training.

The roller-skiing circuit:

  • Length 4 km
  • Height differential (HD) 26 m
  • Total climb (TC) 106 m/4 km

The Vuokatinvaara ascent:

  • For intense training
  • Length 1.6 km/2.5 km
  • Height differential (HD) 130 m
  • Gradient 7 degrees
  • Surface upgraded for roller-skiing 2014

On the map:

2. Ski tunnel
12. Roller-skiing circuit
15. Biathlon stadium


Prices & Booking


– Per Class €7
– 10 Classes €50
– Monthly membership €40  incl. access to all group fitness classes and the Gym
– Club membership €30/month  incl. access to all group fitness classes and the Gym
– Season pass €140/valid for 4 months  incl. access to all group fitness classes and the Gym

Book a Class

All details for each class are listed in our Group Fitness Calendar. Sign up and book your class from the link below.




Kitano apartment (75m²) for 5 persons

In the holiday apartments (75 m²) near the shore of Lake Särkinen, about 500 m from the main building of the Sports Institute, there is one two-person bedroom and three one-person bedrooms. Kitchen/living room, separate bathroom, sauna, shower/WC, a drying cabinet and a washing machine. Pets are permitted in this apartment.

75 m² apartment (for 6 persons)
In the terraced house apartments, in the yard area of the Sports Institute, there are three two-person bedrooms, i.e. beds for 6 people in total. There is also a kitchen/living room in the apartment, as well as a shower/WC and a drying cabinet. Pets are permitted in these apartments.

There is a minimum booking time of two days in the Sport Resort Apartment holiday apartments.


Large apartment (75m²) for 5 people

  • out of season €130/apartment/day
  • in season €180/apartment/day
  • minimum booking time 2 days, additional fee for a one-day stay +€25

The accommodation prices of the holiday apartments include bedlinen, towels and final cleaning.

(Children aged 4-11 -50% | 0-4 year-olds free)

BOOK NOW by using BOOKING TOOL at the top of the page or

contact directly our sales office:



Indoor Ice Rink

Sotkamo-Vuokatti Jäähalli Ltd. was set up in 1992. The indoor ice rink owned by the company was completed in February 1993. In the building there are four spacious changing rooms with shower facilities and the areas and equipment required for skate maintenance. There is a cafeteria and grandstand seating for 500 spectators.

The Municipality of Sotkamo takes care of the upkeep of the indoor ice rink.

Sotkamo-Vuokatti Jäähalli Ltd.     

Vuokatinhovintie 4
88610 Vuokatti
Tel. 044-7502955

Ski Tunnel and the First Snow Track

Vuokatti Sport offers the snow conditions for cross-country skiing 365 days a year. The world’s first cross-country ski tunnel is 1.2 km long and makes summer training possible on a well-kept trail that follows the terrain of Vuokatti with its uphills and downhills. The trail suits both classic and skate skiing. Thanks to the even temperature of the tunnel, training is also possible during the cold days of winter.

In addition to the ski tunnel it is also possible to ski outside starting 10th of October every year because that’s when we open the first snow track! So remember 10-10-10, 10th of October 10 o’clock! Every year!

Ski tunnel sales is open every day at 9-18 (except 1pm-2pm)

Prices until 9th Oct:

Ski tunnel 15€ adult day ticket and 7,50 € child u12yrs.

5 days ticket 60 € adult and 30€ child u12yrs

Prices from 10th Oct:

Ski tunnel + First snow track (starting 10th October)
Day ticket 20€ adult and 10€ child (4-11)
5 days ticket: 80€ adult and 40€ child

“Test Round” in the ski tunnel 10€. This includes full equipment (skis, boots and poles) and one lap of skiing in the tunnel. Valid during the opening hours of the ski tunnel.

-50% off from the Day Ticket for those who are accommodating in Vuokatti Sport

Tunnel and First Snow Track are open from 10th Oct every day at 8-19.

Exception: tunnel is closed for maintenance:  7.-8.9. and 5.-6.10.

Facts about the ski tunnel:

  • Temperature -5 – -9 °C
  • Length 1.2 km (one loop 2.4 km)
  • Width 8 m
  • Height differential of the tunnel (HD) 18 m
  • Total climb (TC) 51 m/2.4 km
  • A fixed timing system for speed training
  • Open in the beginning of June to December, from morning to evening and also during the cold days of winter ( -15 °C and colder)

Ski Tunnel/ First Snow Track

Tel. +358 44 414 8812 


Swimming pool

The swimming pool is in conjunction with the Vuokatti Hall. Our versatile premises serve even demanding customers, from families with children through to Olympic-level top athletes.

Swimming pool | 25 m pool (depth 120 – 180 cm)

Multi-function pool (depth 82 – 120 cm):

Water slide | Water massage | Baby pool | A separate pool for the family’s youngest ones.

The shallow end of the multi-function pool is also suitable for small children.

Please note! Swimming pool will be closed 8.7-19.8.2019.

Payments, bookings and keys:

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria

Tel. 0444 148 811

Mon-Sun 7 am – 9 pm
Tel. 08 61911


Vuokatti Hall

The large exercise hall of the Vuokatti Hall is suitable as both an event space and also for the indoor training of many different sports.

Basketball | Volleyball | Floorball | Indoor cycling | Squash | Badminton | Tennis | Athletics

Payments, bookings & keys:

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria

Tel. 0444 148 811

Mon-Sun 7 am – 9 pm
Tel. 08 61911



There is a completely revamped gym in the ball hall building. The gym is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

Usage is included in the price of accommodation for those staying at the Sports Institute.

Price: €5/person + €3 key deposit; you can pick up the key at the cafeteria of the Vuokatti Hall or the reception.


Precor and Technogym upper body machines.

2 exercise bikes | Wattbike | Rowing machine | Cross trainer | Treadmill

Back bench | Back machine | A machine for strengthening the muscles of the upper back |

Abdominal bench | Abdominal machine | Rotation machine|

Leg press | Glute machine | Leg curl machine | Leg extension machine | 3 squat racks | Thigh adductors/abductors |

2 bench press benches | Weight plates (1.25-25 kg) | Dumbbells 1-35kg) | Pull-down machine | Shoulder press/pull-down machine | 2 pec machines () | Multi-purpose pulling machines | Scott/extension machine (compressed air) | Pull-up bar | Traction machine (cross-country skiing ergometer)


Firstbeat (COMING IN THE AUTUMN OF 2018)

The Firstbeat Well-being Analysis tells how the body reacts in different everyday situations. 24-hour heartbeat interval measurement illustrates individually burdening and restorative factors and also the effect of exercise. The scientifically-developed Well-being Analysis tells us about the resources of the body and brings to the fore the things that improve endurance, fitness and health.


Huco Sport – Profile

The Huco Sport profile

With your personal exerciser profile (the Huco Sport profile), you can find yourself a way of exercising that motivates you and suits your style. With the aid of the profile, it is possible to set the most suitable objectives and draw up a training programme that is easy for your exerciser type to follow.

The Huco Diet profile

With the Huco Diet profile, you can identify different eating models, your own style, and also see losing weight and the challenges related to it in a new light. Thanks to the new level of self-knowledge, losing weight is easier.

The Huco Diet profile charts your current attitude and behaviour in three different sub-areas:

  • eating
  • exercise
  • attitude towards daily life

These three sub-areas do not guarantee all-encompassing and successful weight control if kept separate from each other. The sub-areas are dependent on each other and management of each area guarantees a healthy result in weight control.

Endurance tests

VO2 Max Test on a treadmill (Nordic Walking or running) or on a bicycle ergometer

In the test, the precise values for the aerobic and anaerobic threshold are determined, as well as the maximal oxygen intake capacity and the heart rate-lactic acid levels that correspond to these. The test is carried out on a treadmill either by nordic walking or running depending from the wants of the person tested. VO2 Max test can be also done on a bicycle ergometer. The test starts from an easy pace and it gets harder by increasing the inclination or speed every three minutes until the exhaustion point. After each of these three-minute stages, a blood sample is taken from the tip of the test person’s finger and this is used to measure the lactic acid in their blood.

During the test, we measure the changes in the test person’s breathing by using a breath-by-breath gas analyzing system. Test person’s heart rates during the test are saved in our system, and by utilizing these and the collected blood samples we can define individual training zones for endurance training.

The test includes both verbal and written feedback. From the feedback, test person can find individual heart rate zones, which they are able to utilize to plan their own training and to control own training speeds.

The test also includes InBody measurement.

NOTE! Watch a video from a treadmill test below! (English subtitles available by clicking a subtitle button from the bottom of the video)

Indirect bicycle ergometer test – RECOMMENDED!

The test determines individual heart rate zones for endurance training, as well as the aerobic and anaerobic threshold. The test is done on a bicycle and usually takes a maximum of 15 minutes. During the test, the resistance is increased step by step. The heart rate is also monitored and the subject is asked about the strain they are experiencing. The test is suitable for everyone, regardless of the age or fitness level of the test person. The test also does not demand maximal efforts.

UKK 2 km walking test

The test tells what the endurance fitness of the person being tested is, in relation to health and performance capacity. During the test, the person walks two kilometers in relatively fast speed. The fitness evaluation is based on the walking time, the heart rate at the end of the test and the background factors of the person (gender, weight/height, age). The test is suitable for exercisers of all levels.




InBody – Measurement

InBody measurement is an easy, quick and reliable way to measure the composition of your body. The measurement results provide diverse and detailed information about things such as the muscle mass, fat percentage and visceral fat amounts, as well as about fluids inside the body.

InBody measurement is done by standing with bare feet in the InBody device and holding onto the handles of the device. It is recommended that the measurement is done in the mornings, before eating breakfast and preferably with as little clothing as possible in order to facilitate and guarantee reliable results. The measurement does not cause pain or any other unpleasant feelings.

Vuokatti Sport Watersports Centre

You can find the Watersports Centre in the middle of Vuokatti, at Ahvenuksenlampi. See the map. The Watersports Centre offers traction action with a Wakestation cable and various kinds of equipment, as well as all kinds of other activities such as SUP boarding, a diving place or, for example, the first steps in skateboarding on the world’s largest floating skate raft.

When you come onto the raft, you can either equip yourself with your own gear or hire all the equipment you need from the raft. It’s a good idea to bring swimming gear, as well as a towel.

0400 174 145 Ella



Vuokatti Sport Adventure Park


In the Vuokatti Adventure Park, there are nine adventure courses of different levels in a scenic environment in the middle of the forest. The courses of the park are colour-coded according to difficulty level into yellow, green, blue, red and black, i.e. from easy courses all the way to Finland’s most challenging course, which demands skill and daring, as high up as 12 metres. Each course ends in a wild zip line descent. On the children’s park courses, about a metre up, even the smallest adventurers can get to experience exciting and fun moments. In progressing, speed is not the most important thing, but instead experiences and putting yourself to the test!



The park is easy to reach by car via the Vuokatti slopes and from the car park of the park, it’s a short distance to walk along a path, going around the ridge on the right side towards the courses that can be seen high up. From the Vuokatti Sports Institute (Vuokatti Sport), it’s a short walk across the bridge over the railway and then turning right at once until you see a grey container building.


Veikontie 4

The forest area between the Vuokatti Sports Institute and slopes



Vuokatti Sport Resort is a unique holiday, full of movement and experiences.

Train like top sportspeople do. Adventure and excel yourself. Relax in nature. Enjoy yoga. Spend active time together with the people most important to you. You can do all this in Vuokatti in the best facilities in the Nordic countries.

At Vuokatti Sport, you train at the same performance locations with the best sportspeople in the world and all our exercise sites are always at your full disposal. At ours, you exercise in the footsteps of champions on the trails and paths, refine your technique all year round in the ski tunnel, enhance your fitness in the gym and swimming pool, and get inspired by new things in guided exercise sessions and while doing extreme sports.

Restaurant Services

In our main building there is the 380-seat O’las restaurant, completely renovated in the summer of 2017, as well as a fully licensed lounge cafeteria. There is a terrace in conjunction with the restaurant in the summer, from which there are beautiful views over Lake Särkinen and the fells of Vuokatti. The cafeteria of the Vuokatti Hall is open during the opening times of the swimming pool and sports hall.

O’las restaurant
Open daily
Tel. +358 44 414 8810

The lounge cafeteria of the main building
Open daily from 10 am to 9 pm
Tel.+358 44 414 8810

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria
Tel.+358 44 414 8811

Muscle Fitness Tests

A traditional measuring repetition test is used in the muscle fitness test, in a studied way. In the muscle fitness test, the muscle endurance of the abdominal and back muscles and also the upper and lower limbs is tested. The test is a repetition test, in which specified movements are done for 30 seconds.

In addition to the measuring traditional tests, there are also isometric strength measurements and jumping tests done on a contact mat at the test centre, as well as tests done with the aid of a radar for even the most demanding trainers.



Our test centre offers a wide range of different kinds of testing services for your own needs when you want to monitor progress and improve your well-being. The selection includes body composition measurement, different kinds of endurance fitness tests, muscle fitness tests, Huco Sport profiles and, as a new one, Firstbeat measurement.

We make use of testing services in individual coaching, as well as in the well-being at work coaching for companies. On the basis of the measurements, it is possible to provide a tailor-made service and training programmes to ensure development for our customers. With the aid of the testing, you learn to utilise test results in training and the monitoring tests offer an excellent tool for keeping track of development.


Find out about our tests:








Mikko Virtanen
Test Centre Manager

0500 772 695

Group Exercise

You can find Vuokatti’s largest group exercise offering at Vuokatti Sport. There are many group exercise areas and they range from the spinning hall to traditional group exercise halls. In the summer most of the sessions are also moved outside, weather permitting. We offer both international concept sessions and plenty of our own sessions, from amongst which you’re sure to find your own favourite, regardless of whether you’re partial to doing things sedately or intensively.

The group exercise calendar is updated four times a year and the session selection is updated regularly. We make sure that you enjoy yourself in our sessions and that training is effective and safe. Find out about the sessions below and take a look at the group exercise calendar.




Ski Maintenance & Pro Shop

The Vuokatti Ski Service offers expert rental, maintenance, reconditioning and waxing services for cross-country skis. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the polishing or patterning of the ski helps in achieving the best glide. The patterning, which is carried out on the basis of different trail conditions, improves the ski’s glide properties considerably and adds to the enjoyability of the pursuit. For competition skiers, we offer professional polishing and patterning services according to the profile of the ski for different trail conditions.

An amateur benefits from pattern polishing in that, for example, frost patterning is used for the dry conditions in winter, and when the spring comes the base of the ski is reconditioned using water condition patterning.


Massage and physical therapy

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain? Does recovering from sports performances feel slow? Or perhaps you’d like to recover from injuries more quickly or just take a breather for a moment?

Massage affects the body in an all-encompassing way by making the metabolism more efficient, speeding up blood circulation and improving the movement of oxygen and nutrients in the different parts of tissues. With the aid of massage, the body is also cleansed of possible metabolic waste. Thanks to the effects of massage, renewal of the skin is also accelerated, the muscles relax, swelling is reduced and pain is eased.

We offer a wide range of massage services and Kinesio taping, by both professionals and students.

As a new service we also offer physical therapy services!

Massage polyclinic ’Hierontapoli’ (Opens again at 22th of October 2019)

Prices for massage

Half-body massage, 45 minutes €30
Full-body massage, 90 minutes €40
Inc. VAT 24%. We reserve the right to changes.

Prices for physical therapy (Opens at 25th of September 2019)

Physical Therapy, 30 min 18 €
Physical Therapy, 45 min 26 €
Physical Therapy, 60 min 34 €
Inc. VAT 24%. We reserve the right to changes.


Bookings by phone or Online Booking (In finnish)

Tel. 0444 148 809


If massage polyclinic is not open, you can contact our reception for bookings.
Tel. 08 61911 |