Biathlon is one of the most international sports in Vuokatti and its roots originate even earlier than the 1970´s. Skiing and shooting can be combined together all year round at our biathlon track. During the summer season you are able to train with rollerskis on our extensive tracks and after the first snow ski track opens on the 10th of October, you are able to practice on snow. For those who wish to practice their skiing skills on snow all year round, it is possible in our indoor ski tunnel.

Our  biathlon range is an outdoor range and can fit 33 shooters at once. The range is designed for small caliber rifles, and also air rifles. The VuokattiSport biathlon range is equipped with WindTrainer-equipment, which teaches the shooter on how to take into consideration different ballistic conditions. Here in Vuokatti we aim for sustainable development. The targets have  bulletcatchers equipped to them so, we make sure no heavy metals end into the environment. We recycle all of the bullets and shells to keep our environment as clean as possible.

The Olympic Training Center can rent a variety of different high tech equipment for you to use,. We have camera based technology, eco-weapons (3 weapons) to WindTrainer- windagetraining equipment to further your shooting skills.

  • Biathlon range with 33 shooting places, Lighted shooting range which meets IBU and IPC standards.
  • WindTrainer- equipment
  • Sustainable development, heavy metals do not end up into the nature.
  • All year round training
  • The shooting area has snow from the 10th of October.

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Pelkonen Jyri
Manager of Olympic Training Center
Tel. +358 40 8445 882

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Mari Eider (Laukkanen)  – Top Team Athlete

Biathlon stadium

The biathlon stadium of Vuokatti is in use in both the summer and the winter. On the 50m range, there are 33 shooting places, it is lit up and its automatic target systems are equipped with lead catchers which collect the bullets shot. For the use of people who are physically disabled or visually impaired, a 20-lane target apparatus is available if required, equipped with air-rifle targets and lead catchers. Both the ranges meet the requirements of the IBU and IPC for competitions. The development area related to the Clubavana shooting range is the construction of a smaller, 5-lane 50m shooting range for practice use next to the exit of the ski tunnel.

The usage fee of biathlon range is 25€/person/day. You can complete the payment at Vuokatti Sport reception, Opistontie 4.

For mor information, please contact our sales office: +358 8 6191 500.