Roller-skiing tracks

NEW ROLLERSKI TRACK IS HERE! Rollerski track in Vuokatti is located right by Vuokatti Sport and it is easy to enter from new bike paths. The update in rollerski track was done in 2023 and now the whole track is eight kilometers (8 km) long! The biggest single uphill is located in Vuokatinvaara, which is also easy to access by following the bike paths from rollerski track. The height difference in this uphill is 130m and rollerskiers have their own specific lane on the left side of the road.

Due to the increased length of the track, maintenance of the asphalt requires a stronger effort than before. Therefore, there will be a usage fee of €10/person/day for the roller ski track. This fee can be paid at the Vuokatti Sport reception, Opistontie 4.

Prices for the 2024 season at the roller skiing track:

Day Ticket: €10/person (adults and children same price)

Season 2024 (May-October): €200

Roller Skiing Track + First Snow Track Season 2024: €499/adults, €300/children (under 12years)

While accommodating in Vuokatti Sport, the roller skiing track is included to your stay.







The roller-skiing circuit:

  • Length 8 km
  • Height differential (HD) 35 m
  • Specific details from climbs in the map

The Vuokatinvaara uphill:

  • For intense training
  • Length 1.6 km/2.5 km
  • Height differential (HD) 130 m
  • Gradient 7 degrees