Masters World Cup 2024 finished with freestyle long distances races

Last races of the 2024 Masters World Cup in Vuokatti were competed on Friday. More than 250 people were on the start lists to enjoy the freestyle long distance races in beautiful winter conditions. The distances remained the same as yesterday in classic races with them varying between 15 km – 30 km. During the last competition day, we saw gold medal winners from nine different countries as the gold medals went to France, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, USA, Sweden, Ukraine, and Finland.

In the women’s competitions Hilkka Riihivuori was the fastest 15km finisher as she claimed her fifth gold medal of the competitions in F09 category with time 53.04,5. In the women’s 20km competitions the fastest time was seen by Sirpa Pääkkönen, who won the F08 category with time 1.06.05,1 and in the women’s 30km races the fastest competitor was Sini Alusniemi in F03 with time 1.25.11,3.

In the men’s competitions the fastest 15km time was seen by Harri Mäkelä in M10 as he finished the race with time 50.17,5. In the 30 km races, the fastest competitor was in M03 class where the gold medal winner Vesa Tiihonen finished the racecourse in time 1.19.13,9.

The next Masters World Cup will be held in March 2025 in Klosters, Switzerland.


Results from the competition week: 


Pictures from the competition week by Roosa Riikola:

The new biathlon training environment in Vuokatti is one of a kind in the world

The University of Jyväskylä’s sports technology unit in Vuokatti has developed a unique new training and testing environment for the biathlon. For the first time, the new training environment offers the biathlete an opportunity to practice live fire shooting in a laboratory “container” developed for this purpose and measure the shooting performance precisely based on real shooting.

You cannot use live ammunition when practising shooting indoors. But in a practice and testing facility built outdoors in a contained area that pays careful attention to safety, it is possible. When using real bullets, it is possible to measure the recoil, which is the force from the discharging of the rifle that transmits to the athlete’s shoulder and impacts the shooting performance.

The test laboratory is located at the end of the ski tunnel in Vuokatti. Biathletes have been happy about the placement of the test laboratory. They arrive to the shooting range after an uphill, so they are able to shoot under the strain caused by the climb.

Thanks to the biathlon lab, a completely new kind of training and testing environment for the biathlon and shooting has emerged in Vuokatti, which is hoped will increase athletes’ interest in Vuokatti as a centre for cross-country skiing and skiing training in Finland and internationally.

“The new test lab and its shooting range enable shooting training with different load variations and testing athletes in a real shooting situation,” says Project Manager Antti Leppävuori from the Vuokatti Sports Technology Unit. “The completed shooting range is a prototype which will be developed further in Vuokatti.

“The range can also be used for cartridge testing and the product development of technical equipment for the biathlon and shooting.”

The first target of testing will be new electronic shooting range targets for the biathlon this year.

Safety issues carefully considered

The location of the lab and the shooting range in the Vuokatti skiing area has brought particular attention to the project’s safety issues. The shooting area has been constructed with sector rails, which ensure that the shot is directed at the shooting target. The bullet cannot go over the container or miss the side but stays in the firing range in a controlled manner. The shooter is under strict instructions not to load the rifle until the rifle is pointed at the target. The safety solution created by Pauli Harjula has been approved by building inspection and authorities.

The Outdoor Shooting Laboratory project has been implemented in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä Vuokatti Sports Technology Unit (JYU-Vuokatti), Vuokatti Sport, the Finnish Biathlon Association, the Finnish Olympic Committee and Vuokatti-Ruka Sports Academy. The laboratory’s measuring equipment is housed in a container located outdoors at the end of the Vuokatti skiing tunnel. New technology acquisitions include an electronic shooting range target that recognises the point of impact and a wind gauge, and a bullet speed sensor will also be purchased. The acquired technology has been integrated into the Coachtech system developed in Vuokatti and the test methods for the biathlon developed in previous projects (determining the shooter’s centre of gravity as well as measuring trigger pressure and the aiming point trajectory).

The cost of the project is estimated at €157,000, of which €113,000 have come from the European Regional Development Fund, €26,000 from private funding and €18,000 from own resources.

Further information:

Antti Leppävuori, Project Manager
Vuokatti Sports Technology Unit, University of Jyväskylä
+358 44 03447700,

Masters World Cup 2024 gathers senior cross-country skiers once again in Vuokatti

Masters World Cup returns to Finland and Vuokatti after eight years! Competitions take place in familiar venue of Vuokatti Sport from February 9th to 16th, 2024. Over 550 participants from a total of 27 different countries have registered for the event. The host country Finland will be participating with a record-breaking number of competitors, as more than 200 people have signed up!

There are total of five competition days, and the competition distances range from 5 km to 30 km. Competitions will be held in both classic and skate techniques, as medals will be awarded in three competitions from each technique. Additionally, the competition program also includes 4 x 5 km relays. Competitors re divided into 13 different age groups, with the youngest participants born in 1993, and the most experienced, Charles French from the United States of America, being born in 1926!


Expect joyful athmosphere – the medals are not the most important

Aito Pennanen from Kajaani, Finland, is participating Masters World Cup for the seventh time. He has participated races all over the world and in Masters competitions the atmosphere has always been nothing but great.

” In these Masters competitions, there’s always been exceptionally high level of respect for others and truly a feeling of one big family. Whether my competitors have been Finnish or from foreign countries, we’ve always gotten along well, and during the competition week, social relationships strengthen for sure.”

Pennanen is also happy about the growing number of participants from the host country.

” I’ve noticed the significant increase in the number of participants from Finland and that makes me very happy! I want to encourage everyone to participate in these competitions also in the future and I hope that through events like these, people find motivation for active lifestyle in their daily life. The participants in these competitions are the kind of people who understand that a person’s worth doesn’t come through medals, but the most important thing is to participate and to enjoy an active lifestyle with fellow competitors,” Pennanen concludes.


Partners and collaboration emphasized in the organization process

Vuokatti Sport is the responsible organizer of the competitions, overseeing everything from accommodation services to restaurant services and race operations to closing banquet. Even for experienced event organizers, the Masters World Cup is a big commitment and intensive week that has been prepared over a long period of time.

” We have been preparing for the competitions for about 1.5 years, which might sound like a long time but along with the other ’normal work’ the time just flies by! Fortunately, we have a fantastic team and experience in organizing events of various sizes over the years, so things don’t come as a surprise. Our whole organization is involved in these competitions one way or another. However, our own organization is not enough to handle such large events and thus, I want to especially thank our crucial partners Kainuu Vocational College, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Sotkamo, says the Secretary General Ann-Mary Ähtävä.


Competition website:

More information:

Secretary General: Ann-Mary Ähtävä,, +358 44 307 5759

Event Coordinator: Mette Leskinen,, +358 40 356 0155

Media and communications: Topi Kuorelahti,, +358 44 414 8883



Scandinavian Cup 2023/24 starts in Vuokatti

Scandinavian Cup 2023/24 will start during the following weekend, as the competitions arrive in Vuokatti first time since December 2019. As usual, the opening weekend will gather lots of skiers in Vuokatti, as we will see close to 600 starts during the three days of racing. The level of the competition is extremely high, as on the start line we will see e.g. the 2021 50km World Champion, Emil Iversen.

”It is always great to have international competitions on our race tracks and we are more than happy to host the opening weekend of Scandinavian Cup. The conditions are amazing now, because on top of our first snow track we have gotten a lot of natural snow which makes the tracks great. It looks like it won’t even be so cold this weekend so that’s nice for both competitors and us organizers”, says the Head of Events in Vuokatti Sport, Ann-Mary Ähtävä.


Emil Liekari seeks to continue the good start of the season

 Scandinavian Cup also plays a big role as qualifying races for World Cup. One of the Finnish skiers who is looking for more World Cup starts this season is Emil Liekari from Vuokatti Ski Team Kainuu.

”My season has been good so far and now my goal is to have three decent races. On Friday’s sprint I should have the best chance for good result, maybe even a place in a final so top 6.”

”The Scandinavian Cup races are really important and of course it is nice to have races in Finland this time. The level of the competition is extremely high and for example in sprint you must be awake right away in the morning or otherwise you’re out after qualification. Hopefully I can challenge the prerace favorites who come from Norway.”, Liekari states.


More information:
Ann-Mary Ähtävä
Head of the Events, Vuokatti Sport
+358 44 307 5759


Race Schedule:

Friday: Sprintti Freestyle

  • Qualifications 10.00
  • Heats 12.00

Saturday: 10 km Classic interval start

  • Women 10.00
  • Men 12.00

Sunday: 20 km Freestyle Mass start

  • Women 9.15
  • Men 10.45

Rajoitukset ensilumenladun käytössä

3.-5.11. Hiihdon Suomen Cup

Pe 3.11. klo 14 alkaen ampumaradan alueella kilpailunmukaiset hiihtosuunnat (ks. sprintti kartta). Ampumarata on suljettuna klo 14-21.

La 4.11. Ampumarata-alueen ladut suljettuna klo 6-14:30 asti, tämän jälkeen su kilpailujen kiertosuuntien mukaiset hiihtosuunnat (ks. 3km:n reitti). Ampumarata on suljettuna koko päivän.

Su 5.11. Ampumarata-alueen ladut suljettuna klo 6-15, tämän jälkeen normaalit hiihtosuunnat. Ampumarata on avoinna harjoittelulle klo 15-21.

11.11. FIS Kainuun Talvikisat

Ampumarata-alueen ladut suljettuna klo 11-15:30. Myös ampumarata suljettuna klo 11-15:30.


Vuokatti organizes Jukola relay in 2027

Vuokatti has been selected to host Jukola relay in 2027. This will be the first time that the world’s biggest orienteering event will be held in Kainuu region. The main organizers for the event will be Vuokatti Sport and Sotkamon Jymy.

Having two main organizing parties, it means that both parties have their own main responsibilities. Sotkamon Jymy will be responsible for the competition itself, whereas Vuokatti Sport is in charge of event safety, traffic, restaurant and other main operations outside the competition. CEO of Vuokatti Sport, Mari Varjonen, was naturally happy about the decision which resulted in Vuokatti getting the competition.

”This is fantastic news, what else can you say. Of course we have a lot of work to do within next four years, but I am sure that these people will make a great event happen. It is exciting to see all the passion that the orienteering people around here have for this process and I want to give special thanks to Sotkamon Jymy already at this point..”

”Kainuu region has a long history with oritenteering and of course the Kainuu Orienteering Week gives us credibility with bigger events. Already during the application process, it has come clear that many people from the area are willing to put effort for this event and this will be a great chance for us to show our knowledge as a whole region,” states the chairman of Sotkamon Jymy, Antti Flöjt.


Vuokatti provides an area with great infrastructure and beatiful terrain

The competition center will be located right by Vuokatti Sport, the Olympic Training Center. The infrastructure in the area will decrease the need for temporary buildings and construction compared to an average Jukola relay event

”I have been attending Jukola relays soon 50 years and I can proudly say that 2027 Jukola relay will be held in exceptional environment. First of all, the Vuokatinvaara terrain is beatiful and challenging enough for everyone and of course the infrastructure in the area can be utilized for a great competition center. In fact, I believe that the competiton center with all its surroundings was one of the key reasons why we got this event in Vuokatti,” comments the race director of Jukola 2027, Jyrki Uotila.

The next Jukola relays will be held in Porvoo (2023), Kauhava (2024), Mikkeli (2025) and Kotka (2026).

More information:

Mari Varjonen
CEO/ Vuokatti Sport
+358 46 923 4653

Vuokatti is expanding roller ski possibilities

We are expanding our roller ski track and we will get bigger and steeper uphills for use. Total about 8km.

Track will be rady latest end of June.

Vuokatti is investing in a new roller ski track – ski tunnel will be closed for the rest of the year 2023

Behind the decision are the increasing energy costs, improvement of the roller ski track and ski tunnel’s low usage during summer. Decision wasn’t easy but had to be made.

– We want to invest in the future and that is why the rollerski track is so important for us. We will get more kilometers and especially tougher terrain with bigger and steeper uphills. Because the energy prices are much higher now than what we are used to, the decision about the ski tunnel was made for this year. The savings we get from this decision will give us a chance to invest elsewhere. The expansion of the rollerski track will start right after the snow melts and it will be ready to use in the end of June, says the CEO of Vuokatti Sport, Mari Varjonen.

Prepared for First Snow Track season 2023 – bigger than ever!

When looking into the fall 2023 and the first snow track season, there is no need to worry. Our ”snowpile” is bigger than ever before and the track will be open 14th of October 2023. The feedback from the first snow track and its new route was extremely positive during 2022 and the goal is to strengthen that season even more.

– In a big picture, we thought that it is smarter to strenghten our first snow-season and invest in the rollerski track rather than keep ski tunnel going for this year. We have had many international teams training here especially during October and November and we are expecting even more teams to arrive this year. Hopefully in the future they will find us also in summer more and more, for example due to the new roller ski track, Varjonen says.

Towards the first snow track season 2023, picture from 2/23.

More information:

Mari Varjonen, CEO

INFO Vuokatti Ski Tunnel

Due to the collapse of the snowboard tunnel at Vuokatti Slopes in May, we also want to ensure the safety of the ski tunnel structures.

Due to the investigations, the tunnel will not open on Monday 6th of June as originally planned, but will be closed for the time being.

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships ready to kick off – Classic sprints in U20 will be the first event

FIS Nordic Junior World Ski Championships 2021 will be organized in Finland when Lahti is organizing the Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, whereas the Cross-Country events will be held in Vuokatti. First medal events will be held in Vuokatti on Tuesday when the classic sprints in U20 class will kick off the competitions.

There will be total of 435 athletes from 37 different counties competing in Vuokatti. Vuokattiin on ilmoittautunut kaiken kaikkiaan 435 kilpailijaa 37:stä eri maasta. Secretary General Ann-Mary Ähtävä is already really excited for the competition week.

” Our competition organization is so amazing that as a secretary general, I don’t have to be even nervous one day before the competitions”, Ähtävä says.

” Of course, this whole Covid situation has caused a lot of extra work and stress for everyone, that’s for sure. And yes, it’s sad that we can’t have spectators in the races but luckily we have the live stream so you can watch the races from home”, she continues.

Niilo Moilanen is excited night before the sprint

One of the most interesting Finnish names during the first competition day is Niilo Moilanen, who won Finland’s qualification races to JWSC competitions.

”I have a good feeling towards tomorrow. I’ve had many days to prepare and do some skitests so I’m excited for tomorrow. My goal is to have my own good performance. It’s kind of hard to have any goals about the result, but I believe that if I perform in my own good level, the good results will come.”

Follow the races:

You can follow the races in Finland through Elisa Viihde. The broadcast starts at 9:50am.

The heats can also be viewed through YLE Areena at 11:55.

Internationally you can buy a pass to our online livestream by following this link:

Liveresults through FIS:

Social Media: @vuokattisport and @jwsc2021

More information:

Topi Kuorelahti
Media / JWSC2021 – Vuokatti
+358 44 414 8883


Picture: LORU Creative / Alexander Ståhlberg (FIN) during the official training on Monday

Elisa will be livestreaming the upcoming Junior World Ski Championships from Vuokatti by utilizing 5G technology

The Cross-Country races of FIS Junior World Ski Championships (JWSC) that will be held in Vuokatti in February are livestreamed by utilizing 5G technology. A contract between the event organizer, Vuokatti Sport, a Finnish telecommunications company, Elisa, and a Finnish Software-based TV-production service provider, Kepit Systems, guarantees the livestreaming of the event is in good hands. In Finland, the competitions can be viewed through Elisa Cable TV, while the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is in charge of the international rights.

There is a growing demand for the livestreaming of sport and other live events. The utilization of 5G technology provides a new approach that is easier than the traditional TV production. 5G offers up to 10 times faster connections, an increased capacity and an improved possibility to carry out livestreaming during outdoor sports.

The JWSC of Vuokatti will be mostly streamed through 5G phones, which have been placed throughout the race tracks. Live video will be sent from these phones to Kepit Systems where the broadcast will be made ready for the viewers. All of the races can be viewed through Elisa Cable TV and as a result of the contract between Vuokatti Sport and EBU, the races are also available through various broadcasting companies such as Yle Areena in Finland, NRK TV in Norway and SVT Play in Sweden.

‒ We want to stay current with the development of sports events and live streaming plays a big role in this. JWSC is a major event for us so it is great that we have a chance to cooperate with big players in the field and streaming of the competitions will be of high quality. We are not the only ones benefiting from the livestreaming, but also the athletes, teams and the whole sport of cross-country skiing will benefit from this. 5G is a great opportunity for us and I am confident that we can utilize it also in the future in other events, says the Sales Manager of Vuokatti Sport, Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori.

‒ JWSC will be streamed utilizing Elisa 5G network which has been in Vuokatti already for a while now. Thanks to the 5G network there is enough capacity in Vuokatti for a good quality broadcast and we can offer a new solution for the livestreaming of sports events. Together with Vuokatti Sport we can set an example of how 5G technology can be used as its best, says the Business Manager of Elisa Ilkka Pohtola.

‒ We have been developing the 5G-hybrid technology that is used for the broadcast for over a year and now finally we get to use it in this big of event. 5G connections enable large scale outdoor productions easier than before and by utilizing our hybrid technology we can put together the best features of the traditional TV production and the new 5G technology, tells Jussi Uljas from Kepit Systems.


Michal Lamplot visiting Vuokatti – 70 days to the start of JWSC 2021!

We are getting closer and closer to the 8th of February when the FIS Nordic Junior and U23 Cross Country World Ski Championships 2021 officially kicks off in Lahti and Vuokatti. Today on the 30th of November, the Assistant Race Director of Cross-Country Skiing in FIS was visiting Vuokatti, the venue of Cross-country events during the JWSC 2021.

During his one-day trip to Vuokatti, Michal got to do the final check for the competition courses and meet some of the race organization. He was pleased to see the facilities and infrastructure in the Olympic Training Center in Vuokatti.

“Maybe it sounds strange but it is the first time I am in Vuokatti. What I have seen is simply amazing, I think that is a right word to explain it what you have here in Vuokatti. It is an Olympic Training Center in the very meaning of the word. You have amazing facilities from training to recovery, dining, and everything else. I have seen some interesting statistics from Olympic champions and medalists who have trained here which shows that the system you have here really works. From the FIS point of view, we are very happy to have the opportunity to have the 2021 Junior World Championships and U23 World Championships in Cross Country here in Vuokatti.”

Thank you from the visit Michal! We hope everything goes well and we see you in February!

Vuokatti Sport offers creative first snow training camp plans for International Teams

Vuokatti Sport ltd. together with the regional authorities (Kai­nuu So­cial Wel­fa­re and Health Ca­re Joint Aut­ho­ri­ty (Kai­nuun so­te) has created an execution plan for the teams wanting to train and prepare for the upcoming season 20-21 at safe and high-standard conditions in Vuokatti, Finland.

Olympic Training Center (OTC) Vuokatti will help teams to apply for permission to travel to Finland. OTC will also inform the Finnish Border Guard about this. Before arriving groups need to provide information (names, contact information, travel plans, etc.) in order for the application process to be possible.

 Before travelling into Finland a negative Covid-19 test proof from last six (6) days is required. Also when arriving to Vuokatti a quick Covid-19 test is done by the local private health care provider.

While staying in Vuokatti, each foreign team has their own space from the building in order to minimize the amount of contact with other customers. In case of a sickness, an isolation room that there is reserved for each team is used.

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be delivered to each team by Vuokatti Sport (VS) staff and team members will eat in their own apartments. Waste food and dishes will be brought away daily by VS staff. After the first 14 days, there is an option for the teams to eat meals at our buffet restaurant.

Watch a video from the food delivery system here!

There is a possibility to use a gym for international teams and each team will have their own training blocks. This gym will be disinfected after each training block by VS staff. Training outside is available normally for everyone but it is important to be cautious about a safe distance. For waxing the skis, each team has their own ski service room close by the ski tracks reserved for them.




 Vuokatti Sport Sales Office

Mon to Fri 8 am – 4 pm

tel. +358 8 6191 500

Vuokatti Sport Biathlon Team on a first training camp of the year with coaches Kaisa Mäkäräinen, Ville Nousiainen and Kalle Lassila!

Happy to announce a new Vuokatti Sport Biathlon Team!

The group that is designated especially to young adults is currently on their first training camp. The team consists of nine biathletes between ages 18 and 25 and the team’s training camps will all be located in Vuoaktti. There will be a total of five training camps and the next next training camp will be in September.

Coaches for this team are world class, since the group is coached by Kaisa Mäkäräinen, who ended her biathlon career last spring, together with ex National Team skiers Ville Nousiainen and Kalle Lassila!

Special actions due to Covid-19

Due to the actions and recommendations of Finnish Government with the corona virus Covid -19;

Vuokatti Sport cancels the group classes until 13th April 2020.

Also indoor training facilities (Vuokattihall, Swimming hall, Gym and Artistic Gymnastics hall) are closed.

Accommodation facilities (hotel and apartments) are normally in the use of the holiday makers. Skiing tracks are maintained and in excellent condition.


Vuokattisport-Koulurinne reitti avattu

Maaseuturahaston tuella toteutettu reittihanke Länsirinteen ja Koulurinteen välillä on nyt valmis ja hiihtokunnossa. Reitti on valaistu ja kahteen suuntaan  hiihdettävä sekä profiililtaan loivapiirteinen palvellen hiihtäjiä entistä paremmin. Ensi syksystä lähtien reitti on tarkoitus ottaa myös ns. ensilumikäyttöön marraskuun alusta alkaen.  Reitti lisää entisestään Vuokatin vetovoimaa maastohiihtokohteena ja parantaa myös sulanmaan ajalla liikkumista Vuokatin vaaran kupeessa.

Hanke liittyy Manner-Suomen maaseudun kehittämisohjelmaan ja sen toteuttamiseen on saatu EU:n maaseuturahaston osarahoitusta. Hankkeen kustannusarvio oli 365.791,00 €, josta 91.447 €  yksityistä rahoitusta Vuokatin säätiöltä, 35.000 € Sotkamon kunnan rahoitusosuus sekä avustusta EU:lta 115.224 € ja Suomen valtiolta  124.119 €.

Hankkeesta vastasi Vuokatin säätiö ja sen urakoi Pyykkönen Yhtiöt Oy. Suunnittelu toteutettiin Ramboll Oy:n toimesta ja sähkösuunnitelusta vastasi Pöyry Oy.  Vuokatin säätiö kiittää kaikkia kumppaneita ja toivottaa ladun käyttäjät tervetulleeksi uusitulle reitille.

World’s leading Olympic Training Center for winter sports is launched at Vuokatti and Ruka

The Finnish Olympic Committee, Vuokatti Olympic Training Center, Sotkamo Municipality, Kuusamo Town and four Snowboard Federations have signed a contract to establish an Olympic training center of winter sports to Vuokatti and Ruka.

Mika Lehtimäki from Olympic Committee says that the objective is to develop Finnish top-level sports in international competitiveness in the long-term development by efficiently focusing in human and financial resources on Vuokatti-Ruka’s operating environment.

The focus of the new Olympic Training Center is on alpine skiing, biathlon, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined. Tahko’s alpine school in Kuopio, Nilsiä, will also functionally become part of the new Olympic training center.

There will be large investments to Vuokatti and Ruka. These include, among others, financial investment, construction, employees and investments to the training facilites.

The CEO of Vuokatti Sport Veikko Halonen emphasizes in the continuous development of the training facilities.

“The cooperation agreed by the federations will ensure that Vuokatti’s training conditions will continue to develop. Our goal is to be one of the world’s leading training centers for winter sports and it requires constant renewal even in training conditions. We can only develop them through joint decisions,”

Chinese Sport Academy to Vuokatti

On Wednesday 27.6. Vuokatti Sport and Sports Ministry of the People’s Republic of China have signed a major 1+3 year contract. The cooperation project will permanently bring up to 150 Chinese winter sports athletes to Vuokatti.

The Academy is a natural extension to the cooperation initiated in 2016. The current project has brought Chinese winter athletes to Vuokatti in 2017. Athletes are training for Beijing Olympic Winter Games 2022.

Hong Ping head of the Chinese Sports Ministry of winter sports visited Vuokatti recently. Sports Ministry has a desire to build winter sports strongly to China and they were convinced of Vuokatti’s facilities and knowledge for winter sports.

Vuokatti Sport organizes the athletes everything they need for training, teaching and daily life. The impact of this project is significant.


From Wednesday 13th at noon until Sunday 17th afternoon ski trails in “Alamaasto”  are reserved for athletes  completion on weekend. There will be more than 400 skiers participating event at Vuokatti. Competition venue is  located close to Vuokattihalli building beside the ski  jumping hills at Tekniikkarinne. For safety reasons recreational skiers will be kindly asked to use other ski tracks during this week .For example ski Tracks towards Vuokattii hills (Heikkilä ) or towards Katinkulta Holday resort.

You will find a map of competition courses at—-reittikartat—area-and-maps