Masters World Cup 2024 finished with freestyle long distances races

Last races of the 2024 Masters World Cup in Vuokatti were competed on Friday. More than 250 people were on the start lists to enjoy the freestyle long distance races in beautiful winter conditions. The distances remained the same as yesterday in classic races with them varying between 15 km – 30 km. During the last competition day, we saw gold medal winners from nine different countries as the gold medals went to France, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, USA, Sweden, Ukraine, and Finland.

In the women’s competitions Hilkka Riihivuori was the fastest 15km finisher as she claimed her fifth gold medal of the competitions in F09 category with time 53.04,5. In the women’s 20km competitions the fastest time was seen by Sirpa Pääkkönen, who won the F08 category with time 1.06.05,1 and in the women’s 30km races the fastest competitor was Sini Alusniemi in F03 with time 1.25.11,3.

In the men’s competitions the fastest 15km time was seen by Harri Mäkelä in M10 as he finished the race with time 50.17,5. In the 30 km races, the fastest competitor was in M03 class where the gold medal winner Vesa Tiihonen finished the racecourse in time 1.19.13,9.

The next Masters World Cup will be held in March 2025 in Klosters, Switzerland.


Results from the competition week: 


Pictures from the competition week by Roosa Riikola:

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