Vuokatti is investing in a new roller ski track – ski tunnel will be closed for the rest of the year 2023

Behind the decision are the increasing energy costs, improvement of the roller ski track and ski tunnel’s low usage during summer. Decision wasn’t easy but had to be made.

– We want to invest in the future and that is why the rollerski track is so important for us. We will get more kilometers and especially tougher terrain with bigger and steeper uphills. Because the energy prices are much higher now than what we are used to, the decision about the ski tunnel was made for this year. The savings we get from this decision will give us a chance to invest elsewhere. The expansion of the rollerski track will start right after the snow melts and it will be ready to use in the end of June, says the CEO of Vuokatti Sport, Mari Varjonen.

Prepared for First Snow Track season 2023 – bigger than ever!

When looking into the fall 2023 and the first snow track season, there is no need to worry. Our ”snowpile” is bigger than ever before and the track will be open 14th of October 2023. The feedback from the first snow track and its new route was extremely positive during 2022 and the goal is to strengthen that season even more.

– In a big picture, we thought that it is smarter to strenghten our first snow-season and invest in the rollerski track rather than keep ski tunnel going for this year. We have had many international teams training here especially during October and November and we are expecting even more teams to arrive this year. Hopefully in the future they will find us also in summer more and more, for example due to the new roller ski track, Varjonen says.

Towards the first snow track season 2023, picture from 2/23.

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Mari Varjonen, CEO

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