Masters World Cup 2024 gathers senior cross-country skiers once again in Vuokatti

Masters World Cup returns to Finland and Vuokatti after eight years! Competitions take place in familiar venue of Vuokatti Sport from February 9th to 16th, 2024. Over 550 participants from a total of 27 different countries have registered for the event. The host country Finland will be participating with a record-breaking number of competitors, as more than 200 people have signed up!

There are total of five competition days, and the competition distances range from 5 km to 30 km. Competitions will be held in both classic and skate techniques, as medals will be awarded in three competitions from each technique. Additionally, the competition program also includes 4 x 5 km relays. Competitors re divided into 13 different age groups, with the youngest participants born in 1993, and the most experienced, Charles French from the United States of America, being born in 1926!


Expect joyful athmosphere – the medals are not the most important

Aito Pennanen from Kajaani, Finland, is participating Masters World Cup for the seventh time. He has participated races all over the world and in Masters competitions the atmosphere has always been nothing but great.

” In these Masters competitions, there’s always been exceptionally high level of respect for others and truly a feeling of one big family. Whether my competitors have been Finnish or from foreign countries, we’ve always gotten along well, and during the competition week, social relationships strengthen for sure.”

Pennanen is also happy about the growing number of participants from the host country.

” I’ve noticed the significant increase in the number of participants from Finland and that makes me very happy! I want to encourage everyone to participate in these competitions also in the future and I hope that through events like these, people find motivation for active lifestyle in their daily life. The participants in these competitions are the kind of people who understand that a person’s worth doesn’t come through medals, but the most important thing is to participate and to enjoy an active lifestyle with fellow competitors,” Pennanen concludes.


Partners and collaboration emphasized in the organization process

Vuokatti Sport is the responsible organizer of the competitions, overseeing everything from accommodation services to restaurant services and race operations to closing banquet. Even for experienced event organizers, the Masters World Cup is a big commitment and intensive week that has been prepared over a long period of time.

” We have been preparing for the competitions for about 1.5 years, which might sound like a long time but along with the other ’normal work’ the time just flies by! Fortunately, we have a fantastic team and experience in organizing events of various sizes over the years, so things don’t come as a surprise. Our whole organization is involved in these competitions one way or another. However, our own organization is not enough to handle such large events and thus, I want to especially thank our crucial partners Kainuu Vocational College, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Sotkamo, says the Secretary General Ann-Mary Ähtävä.


Competition website:

More information:

Secretary General: Ann-Mary Ähtävä,, +358 44 307 5759

Event Coordinator: Mette Leskinen,, +358 40 356 0155

Media and communications: Topi Kuorelahti,, +358 44 414 8883



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