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As a winter sports center, we also offer a comprehensive framework for ski jumping for all age and skill levels.

Ski Jumping

Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center enables an athlete with high-quality training facilities, be you a starting out junior or world cup athlete. We have 4 ski jumps which are all usable all year round to ensure you have the prerequisites to train without boundaries.

We have long traditions as a winter sports training center and our world class coaches will offer you the knowledge and know how to compete at the world’s top. The Olympic Training Center – Testing Center will bring you the most cutting edge technology and research from the Jyväskylä University to give a foundation to becoming a champion.

  • HS 100 Ski Jump
  • HS 14, HS 35 and HS 54 Skijumps for juniors
  • Eccentric force measurement plates on the HS 100 and HS 35 ski jumps.

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Pelkonen Jyri
Manager of Olympic Training Center
Tel. +358 40 8445 882

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Ski Jumps – HS14 / HS35 / HS54 / HS100

No need to say that winter’s harvest is seeded in summer when it comes to jump training. In Vuokatti, that’s not only a nice PRquota but scientifically proven truth. A truth you can instantly find out – thanks to our exclusive computer based instant feedback system JUMP (Joint Ultimate Measuring Program / HS100 & HS 35), that’s sending and evaluating jumper’s data in real time.

Vuokatti Sport ski jumping hills are used in throughout the year.

HS14, HS 35 and HS 54 Ski Jumps

The ski jumping complex, which consist of four hills.

Location: across the road from the parking lot of Vuokattihalli sports complex.  There is a lift installed there.

HS 100

Ski jumping hill HS100 is just renovated and located up at the top of the hill distance about 3 km from Vuokatti Sport

Hill size: HS 100

K-point: 90 m

Hill record: 105,5 m (Taku Takeuchi )

Summer record: 103,5 m (Janne Ahonen , 01.08.2007, N-FIN)

Women’s Hill record:   99,0 m (Daniela Iraschko-Stolz , 13.03.2001, EYOF)

We recommend you to book the sessions in advance. Agree on bookings and participation in ski jumping sessions on the hotel reception of Vuokatti Sport Institute. Fee 22 euros/person/day.  The responsible of ski jumps

Jani Ähtävä
tel. +358500687188.

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