Ski Tunnel and First Snow Track|

The world’s first ski tunnel and first snow track opens 14th of October at 10 am. Vuokatti is a skier’s paradise all year round!

The earlier you get to train on real snow, the better the training of the winter season will be. In Vuokatti, the first snow track goes around the biathlon range, from which there is a direct connection to the ski tunnel. Tens of thousands of cubic metres of snow are stored every year for the first snow track and for making repairs necessitated by possible rains. In this way, the maximum effectiveness is obtained from training on real snow. After the opening of the first snow track, the hiking routes of Vuokatti are still snow-free, so combining the morning ski training with a round of Nordic walking, for example, makes training diverse.


The world's first ski tunnel is 1.2 km long and follows the Vuokatti terrain with its ups and downs. The tunnel hosts both traditional and freestyle skiing and is open annually from early June until the opening of the natural snow trails. If necessary, we also open the tunnel in the winter's severe frosts, when the frost meter shows -15 ° C or colder.

FIRST SNOW TRACK 14.10. at 10am.

In addition to the ski tunnel it is also possible to ski outside starting 14th of October every year because that’s when we open the first snow track! So remember 14-10-10, 10th of October 10 o’clock! Every year! When the first snow track opens at 14th of October the length is about 1.5 km. From that we continue making the track longer and longer and in its entirety, the length of the first snow track is as much as 9-10 km, weather permitting. Competitions are also held on the first snow track every year, such as the Finnish Skiing Cup.