Rajoitukset ensilumenladun käytössä

3.-5.11. Hiihdon Suomen Cup

Pe 3.11. klo 14 alkaen ampumaradan alueella kilpailunmukaiset hiihtosuunnat (ks. sprintti kartta). Ampumarata on suljettuna klo 14-21.

La 4.11. Ampumarata-alueen ladut suljettuna klo 6-14:30 asti, tämän jälkeen su kilpailujen kiertosuuntien mukaiset hiihtosuunnat (ks. 3km:n reitti). Ampumarata on suljettuna koko päivän.

Su 5.11. Ampumarata-alueen ladut suljettuna klo 6-15, tämän jälkeen normaalit hiihtosuunnat. Ampumarata on avoinna harjoittelulle klo 15-21.

11.11. FIS Kainuun Talvikisat

Ampumarata-alueen ladut suljettuna klo 11-15:30. Myös ampumarata suljettuna klo 11-15:30.


Vuokatti organizes Jukola relay in 2027

Vuokatti has been selected to host Jukola relay in 2027. This will be the first time that the world’s biggest orienteering event will be held in Kainuu region. The main organizers for the event will be Vuokatti Sport and Sotkamon Jymy.

Having two main organizing parties, it means that both parties have their own main responsibilities. Sotkamon Jymy will be responsible for the competition itself, whereas Vuokatti Sport is in charge of event safety, traffic, restaurant and other main operations outside the competition. CEO of Vuokatti Sport, Mari Varjonen, was naturally happy about the decision which resulted in Vuokatti getting the competition.

”This is fantastic news, what else can you say. Of course we have a lot of work to do within next four years, but I am sure that these people will make a great event happen. It is exciting to see all the passion that the orienteering people around here have for this process and I want to give special thanks to Sotkamon Jymy already at this point..”

”Kainuu region has a long history with oritenteering and of course the Kainuu Orienteering Week gives us credibility with bigger events. Already during the application process, it has come clear that many people from the area are willing to put effort for this event and this will be a great chance for us to show our knowledge as a whole region,” states the chairman of Sotkamon Jymy, Antti Flöjt.


Vuokatti provides an area with great infrastructure and beatiful terrain

The competition center will be located right by Vuokatti Sport, the Olympic Training Center. The infrastructure in the area will decrease the need for temporary buildings and construction compared to an average Jukola relay event

”I have been attending Jukola relays soon 50 years and I can proudly say that 2027 Jukola relay will be held in exceptional environment. First of all, the Vuokatinvaara terrain is beatiful and challenging enough for everyone and of course the infrastructure in the area can be utilized for a great competition center. In fact, I believe that the competiton center with all its surroundings was one of the key reasons why we got this event in Vuokatti,” comments the race director of Jukola 2027, Jyrki Uotila.

The next Jukola relays will be held in Porvoo (2023), Kauhava (2024), Mikkeli (2025) and Kotka (2026).

More information:

Mari Varjonen
CEO/ Vuokatti Sport
+358 46 923 4653

Vuokatti is expanding roller ski possibilities

We are expanding our roller ski track and we will get bigger and steeper uphills for use. Total about 8km.

Track will be rady latest end of June.

Vuokatti is investing in a new roller ski track – ski tunnel will be closed for the rest of the year 2023

Behind the decision are the increasing energy costs, improvement of the roller ski track and ski tunnel’s low usage during summer. Decision wasn’t easy but had to be made.

– We want to invest in the future and that is why the rollerski track is so important for us. We will get more kilometers and especially tougher terrain with bigger and steeper uphills. Because the energy prices are much higher now than what we are used to, the decision about the ski tunnel was made for this year. The savings we get from this decision will give us a chance to invest elsewhere. The expansion of the rollerski track will start right after the snow melts and it will be ready to use in the end of June, says the CEO of Vuokatti Sport, Mari Varjonen.

Prepared for First Snow Track season 2023 – bigger than ever!

When looking into the fall 2023 and the first snow track season, there is no need to worry. Our ”snowpile” is bigger than ever before and the track will be open 14th of October 2023. The feedback from the first snow track and its new route was extremely positive during 2022 and the goal is to strengthen that season even more.

– In a big picture, we thought that it is smarter to strenghten our first snow-season and invest in the rollerski track rather than keep ski tunnel going for this year. We have had many international teams training here especially during October and November and we are expecting even more teams to arrive this year. Hopefully in the future they will find us also in summer more and more, for example due to the new roller ski track, Varjonen says.

Towards the first snow track season 2023, picture from 2/23.

More information:

Mari Varjonen, CEO

INFO Vuokatti Ski Tunnel

Due to the collapse of the snowboard tunnel at Vuokatti Slopes in May, we also want to ensure the safety of the ski tunnel structures.

Due to the investigations, the tunnel will not open on Monday 6th of June as originally planned, but will be closed for the time being.



sprint FIS-races 18-20yrs, M/W

Sprintti 1 km


Elisa will be livestreaming the upcoming Junior World Ski Championships from Vuokatti by utilizing 5G technology

The Cross-Country races of FIS Junior World Ski Championships (JWSC) that will be held in Vuokatti in February are livestreamed by utilizing 5G technology. A contract between the event organizer, Vuokatti Sport, a Finnish telecommunications company, Elisa, and a Finnish Software-based TV-production service provider, Kepit Systems, guarantees the livestreaming of the event is in good hands. In Finland, the competitions can be viewed through Elisa Cable TV, while the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is in charge of the international rights.

There is a growing demand for the livestreaming of sport and other live events. The utilization of 5G technology provides a new approach that is easier than the traditional TV production. 5G offers up to 10 times faster connections, an increased capacity and an improved possibility to carry out livestreaming during outdoor sports.

The JWSC of Vuokatti will be mostly streamed through 5G phones, which have been placed throughout the race tracks. Live video will be sent from these phones to Kepit Systems where the broadcast will be made ready for the viewers. All of the races can be viewed through Elisa Cable TV and as a result of the contract between Vuokatti Sport and EBU, the races are also available through various broadcasting companies such as Yle Areena in Finland, NRK TV in Norway and SVT Play in Sweden.

‒ We want to stay current with the development of sports events and live streaming plays a big role in this. JWSC is a major event for us so it is great that we have a chance to cooperate with big players in the field and streaming of the competitions will be of high quality. We are not the only ones benefiting from the livestreaming, but also the athletes, teams and the whole sport of cross-country skiing will benefit from this. 5G is a great opportunity for us and I am confident that we can utilize it also in the future in other events, says the Sales Manager of Vuokatti Sport, Tomi-Pekka Riihivuori.

‒ JWSC will be streamed utilizing Elisa 5G network which has been in Vuokatti already for a while now. Thanks to the 5G network there is enough capacity in Vuokatti for a good quality broadcast and we can offer a new solution for the livestreaming of sports events. Together with Vuokatti Sport we can set an example of how 5G technology can be used as its best, says the Business Manager of Elisa Ilkka Pohtola.

‒ We have been developing the 5G-hybrid technology that is used for the broadcast for over a year and now finally we get to use it in this big of event. 5G connections enable large scale outdoor productions easier than before and by utilizing our hybrid technology we can put together the best features of the traditional TV production and the new 5G technology, tells Jussi Uljas from Kepit Systems.


World Para Nordic Skiing Team information

Vuokattisport-Koulurinne reitti avattu

Maaseuturahaston tuella toteutettu reittihanke Länsirinteen ja Koulurinteen välillä on nyt valmis ja hiihtokunnossa. Reitti on valaistu ja kahteen suuntaan  hiihdettävä sekä profiililtaan loivapiirteinen palvellen hiihtäjiä entistä paremmin. Ensi syksystä lähtien reitti on tarkoitus ottaa myös ns. ensilumikäyttöön marraskuun alusta alkaen.  Reitti lisää entisestään Vuokatin vetovoimaa maastohiihtokohteena ja parantaa myös sulanmaan ajalla liikkumista Vuokatin vaaran kupeessa.

Hanke liittyy Manner-Suomen maaseudun kehittämisohjelmaan ja sen toteuttamiseen on saatu EU:n maaseuturahaston osarahoitusta. Hankkeen kustannusarvio oli 365.791,00 €, josta 91.447 €  yksityistä rahoitusta Vuokatin säätiöltä, 35.000 € Sotkamon kunnan rahoitusosuus sekä avustusta EU:lta 115.224 € ja Suomen valtiolta  124.119 €.

Hankkeesta vastasi Vuokatin säätiö ja sen urakoi Pyykkönen Yhtiöt Oy. Suunnittelu toteutettiin Ramboll Oy:n toimesta ja sähkösuunnitelusta vastasi Pöyry Oy.  Vuokatin säätiö kiittää kaikkia kumppaneita ja toivottaa ladun käyttäjät tervetulleeksi uusitulle reitille.


Avoinna 10.10. 2017 klo 10:00 alkaen

aikuinen/ alle 12 v/ eläkeläinen

Päivälippu 20 € / 10 €/ 10 €

Sarjalippu (5 päivää) 80,00 €/ 40,00 €/ 40,00 €

Lisäpäivät sarjalippuun sarjalipun oston yhteydessä 16,00 €/8,00 €/päivä

Urheiluopistolla majoittuvat saavat 50% alennuksen yksittäisestä päivälipusta. Rannekkeet on ostettava ennakkoon urheiluopiston vastaanotosta.

Alle 7v hiihtävät ilmaiseksi huoltajan seurassa.


aikuinen 295 euroa

lapset alle 12v/eläkeläiset 147,50 euroa

Lunastus tunnelin lipun myynnistä.

Ladun valmistumisvaiheet

(oikeudet muutoksiin pidätetään)

Vaihe 1 Ampumarata, valmiina 10.10.

Vaihe 2 Tenetti, valmiina 14.10.

Vaihe 3 Hönkämäki, valmiina 18.10.

Vaihe 4 Kuru, valmiina 26.10.