Become a Champion

You want to be stronger, faster and in better shape. You want to challenge yourself and seek out your own limits. You want to break them and become even better. You want to feel alive.

Relaxedness comes from both exercise and tranquility. The everyday life will be left behind in nature, on the ski trails and in adventures. It’s forgotten in the corner of the gym and in the revitalising caress of water, the dressing room of the sauna and the chatter in the restaurant.

At Vuokatti Sport Resort, we redefined the activity holiday so that you could live out your dream. Choose your own way to relax. Take yourself to the very limit, learn something new, reduce your resting heart rate or enjoy adventuring.

Whatever you do, you’ll do it with in the footsteps of the top sportspeople in the world, in the best exercise facilities in the Nordic countries, amongst your own people.

That’s why the champion within you will always feel at home with us.