Train like top sportspeople do. Adventure and excel yourself. Relax in nature. Enjoy yoga. Spend active time together with the people most important to you. You can do all this in Vuokatti in the best facilities in the Nordic countries.


Vuokatti Sport Resort is a unique holiday, full of movement and experiences.

Train like top sportspeople do. Adventure and excel yourself. Relax in nature. Enjoy yoga. Spend active time together with the people most important to you. You can do all this in Vuokatti in the best facilities in the Nordic countries.

At Vuokatti Sport, you train at the same performance locations with the best sportspeople in the world and all our exercise sites are always at your full disposal. At ours, you exercise in the footsteps of champions on the trails and paths, refine your technique all year round in the ski tunnel, enhance your fitness in the gym and swimming pool, and get inspired by new things in guided exercise sessions and while doing extreme sports.

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Restaurant Services

In our main building there is the 380-seat O’las restaurant, completely renovated in the summer of 2017, as well as a fully licensed lounge cafeteria. There is a terrace in conjunction with the restaurant in the summer, from which there are beautiful views over Lake Särkinen and the fells of Vuokatti. The cafeteria of the Vuokatti Hall is open during the opening times of the swimming pool and sports hall.

O’las restaurant
Open daily
Tel. +358 44 414 8810

The lounge cafeteria of the main building
Open daily from 10 am to 9 pm
Tel.+358 44 414 8810

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria
Tel.+358 44 414 8811

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Group Exercise

You can find Vuokatti’s largest group exercise offering at Vuokatti Sport. There are many group exercise areas and they range from the spinning hall to traditional group exercise halls. In the summer most of the sessions are also moved outside, weather permitting. We offer both international concept sessions and plenty of our own sessions, from amongst which you’re sure to find your own favourite, regardless of whether you’re partial to doing things sedately or intensively.

The group exercise calendar is updated four times a year and the session selection is updated regularly. We make sure that you enjoy yourself in our sessions and that training is effective and safe. Find out about the sessions below and take a look at the group exercise calendar.




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Personal Trainer

We have a large selection of personal trainer services, from which you’re sure to find the most suitable option for yourself for the attainment of your personal goals. In addition to individual coaching, we also offer group coaching.

Group coaching lasts for 12 weeks and commits the participants to goals. The basic individual coaching package always includes instruction and a 12-week exercise programme. Packages of longer duration are more comprehensive, including fitness testing and initial charting, creation of a programme, personal instruction and a lifestyle consultation in addition to an exercise programme of 12–24 weeks. Our personnel consist of a wide range of specialists in different sports, so whether your objective is to get toned or a marathon, we’re sure to find you the most suitable coach.



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Our test centre offers a wide range of different kinds of testing services for your own needs when you want to monitor progress and improve your well-being. The selection includes body composition measurement, different kinds of endurance fitness tests, muscle fitness tests, Huco Sport profiles and, as a new one, Firstbeat measurement.

We make use of testing services in individual coaching, as well as in the well-being at work coaching for companies. On the basis of the measurements, it is possible to provide a tailor-made service and training programmes to ensure development for our customers. With the aid of the testing, you learn to utilise test results in training and the monitoring tests offer an excellent tool for keeping track of development.


Find out about our tests:








Mikko Virtanen
Test Centre Manager

0500 772 695

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Do you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain? Does recovering from sports performances feel slow? Or perhaps you’d like to recover from injuries more quickly or just take a breather for a moment?

Massage affects the body in an all-encompassing way by making the metabolism more efficient, speeding up blood circulation and improving the movement of oxygen and nutrients in the different parts of tissues. With the aid of massage, the body is also cleansed of possible metabolic waste. Thanks to the effects of massage, renewal of the skin is also accelerated, the muscles relax, swelling is reduced and pain is eased.

We offer a wide range of massage services and Kinesio taping, by both professionals and students.


Half-body massage, 45 minutes €30
Full-body massage, 90 minutes €40
Inc. VAT 24%. We reserve the right to changes.

Massage polyclinic ’Hierontapoli’ (16.10.2018-17.5.2019)
Tue 14:00 – 17:00, Wed 14:00 – 18:00, Thu 14:00 – 17:00
Tel. 0444 148 809

At other times, you can contact the reception:
Tel. 08 61911 |


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Ski Maintenance & Pro Shop

The Vuokatti Ski Service offers expert rental, maintenance, reconditioning and waxing services for cross-country skis. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the polishing or patterning of the ski helps in achieving the best glide. The patterning, which is carried out on the basis of different trail conditions, improves the ski’s glide properties considerably and adds to the enjoyability of the pursuit. For competition skiers, we offer professional polishing and patterning services according to the profile of the ski for different trail conditions.

An amateur benefits from pattern polishing in that, for example, frost patterning is used for the dry conditions in winter, and when the spring comes the base of the ski is reconditioned using water condition patterning.


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