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To become a champion you need support. Vuokatti Sport offers wide range of professional services to help you to over come all your obstacles. Here are some of them.

Vuokatti Sport Test Center

Vuokatti Sport Test Center offers a wide range of testing services to follow your progress. Whether you want to do a more traditional aerobic endurance test or an anaerobic capacity test that tells more about sprinting capabilities, our Test Center offers you the most modern tools to improve your performance! In addition we provide muscle fitness tests, Firstbeat analysis and In-Body Measurements.

Based on the tests, we can give our customers individualized training advice to ensure the progress. The given feedback helps with planning your training better and follow-up tests are a great tool to follow your progress!


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Ski Maintenance & Pro Shop

The Vuokatti Ski Service offers expert rental, maintenance, reconditioning and waxing services for cross-country skis. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the polishing or patterning of the ski helps in achieving the best glide. The patterning, which is carried out on the basis of different trail conditions, improves the ski’s glide properties considerably and adds to the enjoyability of the pursuit. For competition skiers, we offer professional polishing and patterning services according to the profile of the ski for different trail conditions.

An amateur benefits from pattern polishing in that, for example, frost patterning is used for the dry conditions in winter, and when the spring comes the base of the ski is reconditioned using water condition patterning.

Vuokatti Ski Service
Phone: +35850 542 7268


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Massage and physical therapy

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder or back pain? Does recovering from sports performances feel slow? Or perhaps you’d like to recover from injuries more quickly or just take a breather for a moment?

Massage affects the body in an all-encompassing way by making the metabolism more efficient, speeding up blood circulation and improving the movement of oxygen and nutrients in the different parts of tissues. With the aid of massage, the body is also cleansed of possible metabolic waste. Thanks to the effects of massage, renewal of the skin is also accelerated, the muscles relax, swelling is reduced and pain is eased.

We offer a wide range of massage services and Kinesio taping, by both professionals and students.

As a new service we also offer physical therapy services!

Massage polyclinic ’Hierontapoli’ (Opens again at 22th of October 2019)

Prices for massage

Half-body massage, 45 minutes €30
Full-body massage, 90 minutes €40
Inc. VAT 24%. We reserve the right to changes.

Prices for physical therapy

Physical Therapy, 45 min 40 €
Physical Therapy, 60 min 50 €
Inc. VAT 24%. We reserve the right to changes.


Bookings by phone or Online Booking (In finnish)

Tel. 0444 148 809


If massage polyclinic is not open, you can contact our reception for bookings.
Tel. 08 61911 |

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