Preparing to the test

The most important thing when preparing to the test is that the test should be done when you are completely healthy. The week before the test should be without any symptoms from a sickness. Doing a test while being sick is a health risk and thus, if you are or have been sick before the test please contact us and we can think the situation through together.

For test results to be as reliable as possible, the test should be done when you feel rested. However, depending from the test persons training background, it is recommended to do easy training also few days before the test.

During the test day and the day before you should avoid alcohol. It is also recommended to not have too much caffeine before the test. Eating before the test is very individual, but usually it is recommended to eat enough so that you have enough energy for the test but to avoid heavy food (highly greasy food) 3 hours before the test.


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