Ball Hall


The ball hall next to the artificial turf field/ski stadium works as both an exercise facility and also an event centre. A part of the ball hall is shared for use as a rack room for the time being.

Ball games

Badminton : 1 court

Basketall: 1/2 Court


Dancing classes
Muscle maintenance
Ball and stick aerobics

There are mirrors on the side wall in the hall.

Event centre

The ski stadium/artificial turf field next to the ball hall has served as the stage for many top-level sports events and exercise events.

The ball hall, its conference rooms, the stadium next to it and the service offering of the Sports Institute work as an excellent event centre for both small and large events.

Of our exercise facilities, the following are also in the ball hall: 
Gym | Massage rooms |

In the ball hall, there is also: 
The Iso-Pölly auditorium | The Pikku-Pölly conference room | The Portti conference room