Equipment Tests

For whom? National Teams, Equipment manufacturers, Ski Clubs and professional athletes.

Why? Having accurate data measured from sporting equipment is essential for equipment development and selection. Equipment tests in Vuokatti offer accurate friction measurement for the skis and force transmission properties for the pole shafts. Test data can be used in product development as well as for the selection of the skis and other products. Typical equipment tests are testing pack deformation, wax and grind tests and pole prototype tests.

How? Ski tests are done with a custom-made ski tester on real snow. The temperature of the snow and air can be selected as desired in our specialized cold laboratory where the ski tester is located. The pole force transmission test is done to measure maximal axial force transmission for each pole shaft. As a by-product, the test gives an estimate of shaft bending properties. The test is completed by pressing the pole shaft from both ends axially.

What does the customer get? From the ski test and the pole force measurements, the customer gets a report with measured friction values and the climate data. The customer also gets a professional evaluation of the result as planned with the customer.


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