Activities for the winter

Group games                                                              

Group games, such as BallBouncer, KinBall and FunBattle, are fun and interactive. And they’re excellent at developing a sense of community.

XC-skiing lesson in the ski tunnel                                          

Cross-country lessons take place in Vuokatti’s indoor ski-tunnel, the first of its kind. Built in 1997, this innovative ski tunnel offers the ideal conditions for professional athletes: fresh air and well—groomed, natural snow — all year round.

The temperature remains at -50C to -90C (230F to 160F) and the air renewal cycle is four hours. The snow machines inside the tunnel produce new snow, if needed.

Length: 1,2 km (one round is 2,4 km)
Width: 8 m
Height difference HD: 18 m
Total climb TC: 51 m / 2,4 km
Temperature: -50C to -90C (230F to 160F)

XC-skiing lesson and traditional sausage-roasting over a bonfire                 

The outdoor skiing season starts, traditionally, on October 10th at 10 A.M. with the opening of the “First-Snow Ski Track,” an event widely celebrated by dedicated skiers. Choose this activity for an unforgettable outing, including a customized skiing lesson and a delicious Finnish snack over a bonfire.

Snowshoe safari in the forest

Snowshoeing is a relatively easy sport that offers plenty of enjoyment and exercise. Vuokatti contains numerous trails, suitable for beginners and intermediate adventurers.

Downhill skiing class                                                                   

Conveniently located, Vuokatti Slopes are respected for offering a safe and pleasurable skiing experience. The levels of difficulty vary, providing appropriate challenges to beginners and intermediate skiers. For experienced skiers and snowboarders, there are extreme trails marked in black, including “Superpipe” and “SlopeStyle.”

Vuokatti’s professional instructors guide beginners down the slopes and share valuable tips with experienced skiers who desire to improve their skills.

Snow sculpture making                         

This is a relaxed, fun activity, especially when the temperature plummets. Made completely of snow, these  beautiful handmade-sculptures leave a lasting impression on students of all ages.


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