Activities for the summer

Group games        

Group games, such as BallBouncer, KinBall and FunBattle, are fun and interactive. And they’re excellent at developing a sense of community.

XC-skiing lesson in the ski tunnel                                          

Cross-country lessons take place in Vuokatti’s indoor ski-tunnel, the first of its kind. Built in 1997, this innovative ski tunnel offers the ideal conditions for professional athletes: fresh air and well—groomed, natural snow — all year round.

The temperature remains at -50C to -90C and the air renewal cycle is four hours. The snow machines inside the tunnel produce new snow, when necessary.

Length: 1,2 km (one round: 2,4 km)
Width: 8 m
Height difference HD: 18 m
Total climb TC: 51 m — 2,4 km
Temperature: -50C to -90C

Hiking trip through the forest                                                                    

This guided hiking trip offers a memorable adventure through the breathtaking hills of Vuokatti. During the hike, students make several pitstops where they can enjoy breathtaking scenery and taste beloved Finnish snacks beside a roaring bonfire.

Adventure Park                      

Vuokatti’s Adventure Park is one of Finland’s largest (and most challenging) adventure parks. It offers eight different courses of varying levels of difficulty. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends.

*The price is only for groups of 10-30 students.


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