Biathlon shooting tests in laboratory

For whom? Biathlon shooting laboratory tests are suitable for all biathletes who have learned the basics of shooting. The tests are designed for those performing systematic biathlon shooting training.

Why? The biathlon shooting laboratory test is performed to measure the technical components of shooting (rifle sway, aiming, triggering, balance) and to follow their development. The difference compared to field tests, in which the number of hits, points, running time, or a combination of those is measured, is that in the laboratory test the components behind the result are analyzed. This could be compared with endurance performance testing, for example, by looking at the difference between the 3000 m running test time and the incremental VO2max treadmill test by pole walking or roller skiing on the treadmill in which breathing gasses are analyzed and lactate is determined from fingertip blood samples. The 3000m running test only gives you time, whereas the VO2max test gives you information about thresholds and training intensity zones, VO2 values and economy at certain speeds, etc.

How? The test or a combination of tests (single-shots/5-shot series, prone/standing) is selected based on the athlete’s training background, level and needs analysis together with the tester. Usually the first test session consists of single-shot testing. After the first test, the most suitable tests for follow-up of the individual’s progress are determined. In one test session the athlete can perform either a singles-test and a 5-shot series test using the same shooting posture (prone or standing), a singles-test using both shooting postures (prone and standing), a 5-shot series test using both shooting postures (prone and standing), or any of the different tests separately.

The tests are performed in standardized conditions in a shooting laboratory using dry-firing at a scaled target 10 meters away from the shooter. In the single-shots test the athlete performs zeroing and 20 x 1 shot, rebuilding the shooting posture for each repetition. In the 5-shot series test the athlete performs zeroing and 10 x 5 shot series using his/her normal shooting rhythm, rebuilding the shooting posture for each repetition.

What does the customer get? The level of each technical component of shooting (rifle sway, aiming triggering, balance) are analyzed. Using a web browser based Coachtech application, the customer is able to see the shots performed during the test graphically (aiming point movement, postural sway). It is also possible to compare any two selected shots/series graphically within each test or between tests.


Coachtech biathlon shooting test variables and definitions HERE!


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