Option 1. Tour of the Olympic Training Center with a Top Team athlete or coach


One of a kind opportunity to see what Vuokatti Olympic Training Center is! Find out how a top athlete trains and what kind of facilities are needed. Package includes one of the following options for the whole group.
  • Climb up to the ski jumping hill, and find out what this sport where an athlete flies through the air with skis is all about!
  • Get to know biathlon – How does a biathlon rifle and the targets at the shooting range really work? Choose this and you will find out!
  • How to cross country ski? Your group will be taught by one of our professionals either at the ski tunnel or outside ski trails.

In addition this package includes a lecture by a Top Team athlete or coach. Topics and be for example:

  • Goal oriented life and how to use that mindset in worklife
  • The day of an athlete
  • Nutrition, rest and recovery

The length of the package is about 3h total (includes both round around Vuokatti Sport and the lecture).

Price: 50€/person (min. 10 people)


Option 2. Train with a Top Team athlete or coach 1,5-2h


Top Team Training package lets your group to dive even closer to a sport of your choice with one of your top team athletes or coaches. You can choose between:
  • Strength-, jump-, or coordinationworkout with a skijumper or nordic combined athlete
  • Biathlonwalking, -polewalking or -running with a biathlete
  • Cross country ski workout with a cross country skier either at the outside skitrails or in the ski tunnel. Also you can choose a polewalking workout outside at the trails or skislopes 

PRICE: 50 €/person (min. 10 henkilöä)


Option 3. Physical testing at the Vuokatti Sport Test Center


If you want to test your physical shape and compare your results to top athletes, Top Team training package is your choice! You can choose for example:

Treadmill test (VO2max test)

  • Length about 1,5h
  • Price 150€/person

Olympic Training Center testrun (5,3km) for the whole group

  • includes two coaches
  • Length about 1,5h
  • Price 370€/group (min. 10 people)

Bicycle ergometer test for the whole group

  • Price 60€/person

In Body- body composition measurement

  • Price 30€/person


Find out more about Test Center >>

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