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The gym, exercise halls, swimming pool, indoor ice rink and reception and restaurant services, all in the same yard area, guarantee that exercising on your holiday is easy.

Ski Tunnel and the First Snow Track

Vuokatti Sport offers the snow conditions for cross-country skiing 365 days a year. The world’s first cross-country ski tunnel is 1.2 km long and makes summer training possible on a well-kept trail that follows the terrain of Vuokatti with its uphills and downhills. The trail suits both classic and skate skiing. Thanks to the even temperature of the tunnel, training is also possible during the cold days of winter.

In addition to the ski tunnel it is also possible to ski outside starting 10th of October every year because that’s when we open the first snow track! So remember 10-10-10, 10th of October 10 o’clock! Every year!

Tunnel and First Snow Track are open every day at 8-19.

Ski tunnel + First snow track (starting 10th October)
Day ticket 20€ adult and 10€ child (4-11)
5 days ticket: 80€ adult and 40€ child

“Test Round” in the ski tunnel 10€. This includes full equipment (skis, boots and poles) and one lap of skiing in the tunnel. Valid during the opening hours of the ski tunnel.

-50% off from the Day Ticket for those who are accommodating in Vuokatti Sport

Preparing the first snow track at 2019, different periods:

First snow track 2019 on the 10th of Oct 1,5km

First Snow Track on the 11th of Oct 2km

First Snow Track on the 16th of Oct 2,5km

First Snow Track on the 17th of Oct 3km


Facts about the ski tunnel:

  • Temperature -5 – -9 °C
  • Length 1.2 km (one loop 2.4 km)
  • Width 8 m
  • Height differential of the tunnel (HD) 18 m
  • Total climb (TC) 51 m/2.4 km
  • A fixed timing system for speed training
  • Open from June 4th to December, from morning to evening and also during the cold days of winter ( -15 °C and colder)

Ski Tunnel/ First Snow Track

Tel. +358 44 414 8812 


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There is a completely revamped gym in the ball hall building. The gym is open every day from 7 am to 9 pm.

Usage is included in the price of accommodation for those staying at the Sports Institute.

Price: €5/person + €3 key deposit; you can pick up the key at the cafeteria of the Vuokatti Hall or the reception.


Precor and Technogym upper body machines.

2 exercise bikes | Wattbike | Rowing machine | Cross trainer | Treadmill

Back bench | Back machine | A machine for strengthening the muscles of the upper back |

Abdominal bench | Abdominal machine | Rotation machine|

Leg press | Glute machine | Leg curl machine | Leg extension machine | 3 squat racks | Thigh adductors/abductors |

2 bench press benches | Weight plates (1.25-25 kg) | Dumbbells 1-35kg) | Pull-down machine | Shoulder press/pull-down machine | 2 pec machines () | Multi-purpose pulling machines | Scott/extension machine (compressed air) | Pull-up bar | Traction machine (cross-country skiing ergometer)


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Ball Hall


The ball hall next to the artificial turf field/ski stadium works as both an exercise facility and also an event centre. A part of the ball hall is shared for use as a rack room for the time being.

Ball games

Badminton : 1 court

Basketall: 1/2 Court


Dancing classes
Muscle maintenance
Ball and stick aerobics

There are mirrors on the side wall in the hall.

Event centre

The ski stadium/artificial turf field next to the ball hall has served as the stage for many top-level sports events and exercise events.

The ball hall, its conference rooms, the stadium next to it and the service offering of the Sports Institute work as an excellent event centre for both small and large events.

Of our exercise facilities, the following are also in the ball hall: 
Gym | Massage rooms |

In the ball hall, there is also: 
The Iso-Pölly auditorium | The Pikku-Pölly conference room | The Portti conference room

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Vuokatti Hall

The large exercise hall of the Vuokatti Hall is suitable as both an event space and also for the indoor training of many different sports.

Basketball | Volleyball | Floorball | Indoor cycling | Squash | Badminton | Tennis | Athletics

Payments, bookings & keys:

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria

Tel. 0444 148 811

Mon-Sun 7 am – 9 pm
Tel. 08 61911


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Swimming pool

The swimming pool is in conjunction with the Vuokatti Hall. Our versatile premises serve even demanding customers, from families with children through to Olympic-level top athletes.

Swimming pool | 25 m pool (depth 120 – 180 cm)

Multi-function pool (depth 82 – 120 cm):

Water slide | Water massage | Baby pool | A separate pool for the family’s youngest ones.

The shallow end of the multi-function pool is also suitable for small children.

Please note! Swimming pool will be closed 8.7-19.8.2019.

Payments, bookings and keys:

The Vuokatti Hall cafeteria

Tel. 0444 148 811

Mon-Sun 7 am – 9 pm
Tel. 08 61911


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Snowboarding tunnel

The 80-metre-long and 20-metre-wide halfpipe of the Vuokatti snowboarding tunnel is in heavy use by the athletes of the Vuokatti Sports Academy, amongst others. The size of the indoor tunnel provides the possibility for even wild jumps. Nearly all of Finland’s best snowboarders have sprung out of the pipe of Vuokatti: Peetu Piiroinen, Markus Malin and Enni Rukajärvi.

People of all ages can get to enjoy the thrill of speed in the snow chute because you can also go down it with snowtubing rings.

In the Sport Shop at the snowboarding tunnel, there is a large selection of clothes and equipment for both summer and winter. You can hire out skis, boards, scooters and skateboards from the equipment rental shop.

Facts about the snowboarding tunnel:

Length:                        80 m
Width:                          20 m
Height:                         10 m
Height differential:     19 m
Gradient:                      14 degrees
Temperature:             – 5˚C
Carpet lift

Contact details: 
Kattikeskus, Ilkantie 8, Vuokatti
Tel. (08) 619 410


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Indoor Ice Rink

Sotkamo-Vuokatti Jäähalli Ltd. was set up in 1992. The indoor ice rink owned by the company was completed in February 1993. In the building there are four spacious changing rooms with shower facilities and the areas and equipment required for skate maintenance. There is a cafeteria and grandstand seating for 500 spectators.

The Municipality of Sotkamo takes care of the upkeep of the indoor ice rink.

Sotkamo-Vuokatti Jäähalli Ltd.     

Vuokatinhovintie 4
88610 Vuokatti
Tel. 044-7502955

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