Huco Sport – Profile

The Huco Sport profile

With your personal exerciser profile (the Huco Sport profile), you can find yourself a way of exercising that motivates you and suits your style. With the aid of the profile, it is possible to set the most suitable objectives and draw up a training programme that is easy for your exerciser type to follow.

The Huco Diet profile

With the Huco Diet profile, you can identify different eating models, your own style, and also see losing weight and the challenges related to it in a new light. Thanks to the new level of self-knowledge, losing weight is easier.

The Huco Diet profile charts your current attitude and behaviour in three different sub-areas:

  • eating
  • exercise
  • attitude towards daily life

These three sub-areas do not guarantee all-encompassing and successful weight control if kept separate from each other. The sub-areas are dependent on each other and management of each area guarantees a healthy result in weight control.

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